GPS Just Got Raunchy!!!


Keep Your Car Rides Interesting

I can already imagine the fun to be had with this.  I’m surprised no one ever thought of this sooner.


P.I.G. Tones

I had been reading about these things everywhere- (and then without knowing it)- I wound up on a phone call the other night talking pick-up and seduction with one of the guys behind it.

I really think it is a genius idea– and had to pass it along to you guys…

If you own a GPS system in your car and are still driving around with that boring factory voice you’re missing out on the hottest new trend, and a great opportunity to freak out the girl you’re driving with.

P.I.G. Tones: Politically Incorrect GPS Tones is doing for GPS what ringtones did for cell phones. With every cultural and ethnic stereotype they can think of and even celebrities and some really funny TV characters being parodied, the choice is yours.

They’re all pretty funny, but I’m thinking that the Cartman voice, the George Bush voice, or the Devil voice will be most popular.

Check out the different choices of P.I.G. Tones

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