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Best of Bobby Rio on TSB Magazine (Part 2)


Collection of Bobby Rio Articles Part 2


Here’s part one

She’s Just Not Into You:  This article explains some of the major signs that a girl is not into you.  If you’re getting these signs you still have A LOT of work to do creating attraction.

The Subtle and Fine Art of Flirting:  This article talks about how “non-verbal communication” plays a huge role in flirting and you can implement it into your conversations.

Examples of Cocky Funny:  Here are some common misunderstanding about pickup, and also, some examples of how cocky funny flirting can create attraction.

How to Keep Your Power Edge with Women:  This article talks about the importance of maintaining an “edge” with girls so that you don’t fall into the nice guy trap.

How to Command the Attention of Your Social Scene:  This article provides the details on what makes a guy captivating to the girls in his social scene. And why you probably need to add some more drama.

9 Ways to Have Better Conversations (part 1):  This article provides a few techniques to make your conversations with girls much more flirty, fun, and sexual.

9 Ways to Improve Your Conversations (part 2): This is the second of a three part series on ways to dramatically improve your conversations and your ability to create attraction.

9 Ways to Talk to Girls More Attractively (part 3):  In the final part of the series you’ll learn a few more strategies for making your conversations more enjoyable.

Turn Your Nervousness into Sexual Electricity:  How to embrace the nervousness you feel around girls and enjoy the sexual energy that comes from the conversation.

What if she says “I have a boyfriend”:  This article talks about how to handle the boyfriend objection.

7 Emotional Mistakes Men Make Around Women:  Here you will learn seven of the most common emotional traps men fall into and how to avoid them.

How to Hook up with a Tease:  This article outlines a strategy you can use for hooking up with a girl who is clearly a tease.  It involves making her chase your validation.

About Bobby Rio

I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences.  For a collection of some of my favorite articles check them out.

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  1. mike

    February 23, 2014 at 5:29 am

    these articles are very useful. I am using them and I feel very confident. Thank you boby .

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