Zombie Video Awesomeness!


Yes, yes. I know. I’ve heard the complaints. Zombie comedies are, as a niche little genre, kind of old by now.

Back when Shaun of the Dead took on the zombie genre in a comedic way, it was fresh. It was new. Most importantly, it was funny. Now – although there are rare exceptions like Zombieland – most of the zombie comedies are just “Hey, zombies want brains!” or “Let’s make zombies wash our cars and walk our dogs!” I mean, we get it. Zombies walk slowly so you can throw pies in their face. And walking around a post-apocalyptic zombie-laden world is kind of awesome and fun rather than dreary and upsetting.

But this one [via Chud, it should be noted], this one’s different. This one stars comedian extraordinaire Paul F. Tompkins. And really, that’s all anything needs to have in order to get a recommendation from me.

Sketch Of The Dead

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