The Best Baseball Fight You’ll (Most Likely) See Today


The old joke goes, why does a batter drop the bat when he charges the mound? Instead of, you know, holding onto an item that could cause the most damage in a fight? I guess the answer is that, then, the other team can charge at them with their own bats. For video proof, pay close attention to the :30 second mark of the below video.

Things start to devolve (as they tend to do in baseball fights) at around the 2:00 mark, becoming just a bunch of people standing around and what-not, “holding each other back”. But those first two minutes are special, with the best obviously being the pitcher running like the dickens away from the batter charging at him with his bat.

The fight occurred in Cuba and, well, that’s all I can really gather by the video’s description because I don’t speak Spanish. (I speak American!) If anyone can decipher more about this, please, have at it. Until then, I’ll assume this is just  an everyday occurrence in the Cuban baseball league. (Suddenly, El Duque’s inherent badassness would make more sense.)

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