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Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana


I was gonna write this post, but then I got high…

Whether or not you’ve smoked it, you’ve definitely been exposed to it or have been friends with a pot-head.  So say what you want about it, but without question, Marijuana is the most common illegal drug among the college demographic.

Now that's a pile of weed


Marijuana is the dried flowers, leaves and stems of the Cannabis sativa plant.  Amazing how just leaves can alter the mind.  Weed is normally a green, brown, or gray color. The main active ingredient in marijuana is THC (delta 9 tetrhydrocannabinol).  THC binds to specific receptors in the brain called cannabinoid receptors.  THC looks for these receptors and brain cells.  Therefore marijuana mostly affects the parts of the brain that have the highest concentrations of cannabinoid receptors which are the hippocampus, the cerebellum, the basal ganglia, and the cerebral cortex.  When you smoke weed, you have a difficult time learning which is because the hippocampus plays a major role in learning.  This overall reaction right here gives you the high that you desire when you smoke weed.


Marijuana Leaf

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Smoking weed can relax someone and get them in a good mood.  People also become drowsy, feel a sense of euphoria, and if someone is hungry they will smoke before they eat that way they get “the munchies”.  Some people smoke a lot in order to feel more hallucinations.  But as I said most people smoke weed because they want that high.



Marijuana is most commonly smoked.  Some ways you can smoke weed is in a bong, pipe, or in a joint.  A bong is basically a water pipe and a joint is basically a cigarette filled with only weed.  You can smoke it in a blunt which is a cigar that does not have tobacco in it, it is filled with marijuana.  A bowl can also be used which is similar to a pipe except it is in a “bowl shape”.  Smoking marijuana is not the only way to get high.  You can also eat it.  Most popular way is putting the weed in brownies.  However you can also do firecrackers, which is you normally spread peanut butter on a cracker then you put weed over it, after that you put peanut butter on another cracker and put both crackers in foil.  You heat it up and put the crackers together and BOOM, you have a firecracker.


  • A dime bag is about $10.  It is between .4 and .5 grams of weed.  A dime is about the size of a quarter and it can fill about half a blunt depending on how the bag is packed and how you pack the blunt.
  • Now a dub is about $20.  It is about 1 gram and it can pack around 1 blunt.
  • So overall it is not that expensive, but remember these prices aren’t set and neither is the amount of weed.  Some dealers might charge you more, and if you are lucky some might charge you less.  Some dealers might give you more weed then the other.



Let’s make this as simple as possible.

Short term effects are normally problems with memory and learning, perception is distorted, impaired coordination (which means it is not at all safe to drive), and increased heart rate.  You can also feel paranoid and there is a difficulty in thinking.  Overall not too dangerous unless you are operating something or if you have a cardiac problem.

Long term effects are severe damages to the brain which in return damages your memory, attention, and learning.  Also severe and deep hallucinations and delusions can start occurring.  People who smoke weed typically have the same respiratory problems as cigarette smokers.  Constant coughing, bronchitis, and frequent chest colds and pains can develop.  Over 400 chemicals have been found in marijuana smoke and the amount of tar and the level of carbon monoxide inhaled are 3 to 5 times higher than in a cigarette.  Weed is not worse than cigarettes- LIE!


The truth is marijuana is used for medical reasons, but it is used only for THC.  There are some medications that contain THC.  These medications are mainly used to treat nausea in cancer patients that are undergoing chemotherapy.  It is also used to increase the appetite of patients who have AIDS.  It is used to fight the severe weight-loss of AIDS patients.  For more information on medical marijuana and marijuana legislation, visit the website:


Overall, it is wrong to say that marijuana is not at all addicting.  First off, if it was not addicting then there would be no people seeking help with marijuana addiction.  Studies have shown that if you smoke marijuana daily and you stop, some symptoms that may occur are irritability, restlessness, insomnia, nausea and intense dreams.  Also, the more you smoke, the more weed you need to get high.  Therefore if you need a lot of weed to get high and all of a sudden you stop fucking smoking, trust me you will miss it.  An addiction to marijuana is rare; however it is possible to be addicted to pot.

In the long run, marijuana may lead you to other more dangerous drugs.  First off, if you smoke weed for a while you may get the desire to try other drugs.  This does not always occur but it is a possibility.  Also when you are around people who use weed, you might be exposed to and tempted to trying other drugs.  So marijuana might not exactly lead to other drugs, but it can show and bring you to other drugs.  It is your choice from there to either try them or walk away.



Out of seeing all of the evidence, I feel that marijuana is not worth taking.  First off, IT IS ILLEGAL! It is a Schedule 1 illegal drug.  Schedule 1 drugs are drugs that have a high potential of being abused and there is no acknowledged medical purpose for those drugs in the United States.  Marijuana, heroin, and LSD are some drugs in this group.  Now let’s think smart ones, if you get caught with weed you can go to jail!  Most cases the cops fine you, put it on your record, and take the weed away.  Now in New York State if you get caught multiple times or if you have an abundant of weed on you, you are going to jail.  Possession:  25g or less in your first offense, you get a citation and a $100 fine.  Second offense same thing just $200.  Third time 5 days in jail or a $250 fine.  If you are carrying more than 25g of weed and you get caught by the cops, you have a high chance of going to jail. LET ME REPEAT THAT, JAIL! Also, weed fucks up your brain and it damages your lungs.  Overall, do not smoke weed.  It is risky to have and it does nothing good for your body.  If you smoke it and you like it that’s great, but be careful and know that you are killing yourself.  Remember, ONE LIFE!

This website will show you the laws and penalties of any state for possessing, selling, and growing marijuana:

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    • Anonymous

      August 9, 2015 at 12:54 pm

      Is this a trick?

  2. Dillon

    August 15, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    This is garbage. Marijuana is legal in 20 states in and is decriminalized of half of U.S. states. Some of the things said here are true but a majority is just you spouting out shit. Clearly there wasn’t a lot of research done on this topic, and you really don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m trying to find actual research based facts on marijuana, so I can learn. Don’t come in with this garbage.

    • Anonymous

      September 20, 2015 at 4:25 am

      Well said Dillon I completely agree

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