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Five Things You Can’t Avoid During Spring Break


Spring Break is a time for all of us to kick back relax and let loose. School’s had us locked up for too long! Time to get out there and party! Fortunately and unfortunately, there are just some things you can’t avoid…

1. Getting Wasted

I mean let’s be real here. It’s Spring Break. If you DON’T get completely destroyed during Spring Break you’re obviously not relaxing at your full potential. Whether it be beer liquor or some other concoction that was brewed in a basement, Spring Break is open season on our livers. But then again so is every holiday.

2. Getting Baked

Pretty much the same thing as number one, but applies to marijuana. My first spring break freshman year of college, I was taking a piss and a guy walked up to me and literally put a lit joint in my mouth. While I thanked him and we got high, I probably should have asked him did he wash his hands. Or if the joint was laced with anything but hey, I’m still alive.

3. Run Ins With the Law

If you’re well versed in the art of drinking and smoking (especially in public places) expect to have a conversation with your “friendly” neighborhood police officers. Cops live for vacations for the public because 9 times out of 10 on any given day you can see some poor bastard getting handcuffed, albeit he’s not wearing any pants.

4. Getting Laid

For the scores of men that were successful, congratulations. For the ones that weren’t, keep trying. Girls want to get busy as much as guys do, and when the final class lets out of school inhibitions are a thing of the past. Maybe just for that week, but everyone wants to get lucky.

5. A Hangover

There isn’t much of an explanation to this one. Sunny weather + alcohol + drugs + no homework = a monster headache the next morning. Remember kids, moderation is key!

While Spring Break only comes around once a year, it’s a magical and special time for everyone who doesn’t have a job/college kids. Cherish it, because when we graduate it’s work work work.

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