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Pick Up Skills

  • Give to Recieve

    I like this issue of the Pickup Arts newsletter…. But Im still stuck on how good Magic Bullets is.. What to do to get girls by Jay Valens I wonder if you’ve experienced this before… You are...

    • Posted May 22, 2007
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  • Cliff’s List 5/16/2007

    I love reading through each edition of Cliff’s List seduction newsletters. Once you get through the plugs (which i don’t post) there is some really valuable stuff in them. Pay close attention to the Carlos Xuma stuff...

    • Posted May 21, 2007
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  • A Seduction Cheat Sheet

    Below is just a refresher on a lot of seduction related advice. Its worth reading just to get back to basics. Sometimes thats all you need to motivate you to go out and approach some girls! Seduction...

    • Posted May 19, 2007
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  • Overcoming the “I have a boyfriend” Line

    Yes… yes I hate that line. So what to do when she tells you she has a boyfriend. Below is badboys advice. His advice is usually worth reading. Have you checked out Badboy’s ebook? When She Says...

    • Posted May 18, 2007
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  • 5 Comfort Phase Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

    It seems that the guys over at the Mystery Method are finally starting to send out some OAPs worth reading again. This is a great refresher post. Comfort Building Phase by The Mystery Method As most of...

    • Posted May 17, 2007
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  • How a Hotty Evolves

    Below is an interesting article by Stephen Nash about how a girl evolves into a hottie… I guess by better understanding what goes on in their world, they become more easily attainable. Hot Girl’s Mentality by Stephen...

    • Posted May 14, 2007
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  • What Windows of Opportunity Look Like, and How to Capitalize

    As I always I enjoy this latest newsletter from Sebastian Master the Vibe. One of the things I used to always fuck up with was taking advantage of the windows of opportunity that women gave me. And...

    • Posted May 11, 2007
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  • Don’t Try To Bend The Spoon Bend Your Mind

    Here is a quick little BadBoy article that makes some good points. I agree with what he says about focusing on what makes you happy.. Remember you only live one life… make it special. Check out Badboy’s...

    • Posted May 10, 2007
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  • The Mystery Method He Said/She Said Part 2

    Here is another cool installment of the He said/she said series that they’ve been sending out in the recent OAPs. I have actually heard that Savoy and Sinn’s Magic Bullets is actually better than the original handbook....

    • Posted May 8, 2007
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  • Sosua Nightlife Report in the Dominican Republic

    I was going through some old Cliff’s list archives and I came across this one which I’ve never read. Being a huge fan of Sosua in the DR and actually starting a real estate business down there...

    • Posted May 3, 2007
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  • Cliff’s List Newsletter 4/18/2007

    These newsletters are always packed with solid information. I often find myself going back into the older Cliff’s list archives and re reading some of the great earlier stuff that has become a foundation for all the...

    • Posted May 2, 2007
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