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How to Date During a Recession (Roosh V Interview)

By on December 18, 2008

Dating in a Recession

Roosh V called in recently, and we had an opportunity to discuss the idea of dating on a budget. We spoke for about 40 minutes and covered some good topics. And came up with some really solid pointers that you can implement immediately. If you’ve read Roosh’s book Bang you know that he has a no nonsense approach to meeting women.

In this interview we cover:

  • The best niche of girls to go after if you’re broke
  • The best kind of dates to go on when you’re broke
  • How to handle the “lets go back to your place” question if you live with your parents
  • How to use Facebook to build your network of women
  • The one phrase that always gets Roosh into her place
  • Why less money can equal better more creative dates
  • How a waitering or bar tending job can get you laid
  • and more

If you don’t already own Roosh’s book, take advantage of the best bargain in pickup!!! At under $25 Bang out performs and out educates many more expensive programs.

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