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The Average-Guy-Pulling-Sexy-Chick Guide to Dressing, Part 2


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Packaging sucks us all in. Have you ever wondered why companies spend fortunes on wrapping their products in expensive glossy boxes? Why the shell is worth more than the content? Well, it’s plain obvious. An attractive package sells anything. No difference in the tough world of dating.

Best dressed equals best laid. And that is what you want, right?

So stop being the no brand packaged can of beans and move into the realm of glossy cans. Stylish, seemingly effortless and above all confident! Here are some more tips to amp up your confidence and therefore your pulling power.

Down Under

Suit it up!

Have you ever asked yourself the question why girls wear uncomfortable lacy knickers? Why they put up with the rubbing of G-strings around their pink bits and why the hell they wear bras that give them the feel of being wrapped in a straight jacket?

They do it because they know it works. Not just for the moment when they strip off in front of you but a long time before that. Wearing sexy underwear makes you feel sexy and in turn makes you give off those sexy vibes. A secret many women have known for a long time and used to their advantage. Yet the average guy wears his underwear for 8 (!) years. What vibes do you think you exude knowing you wear your worn-out jocks?

So go on and buy yourself underwear you feel sexy in! And don’t forget to get rid of those boxers with funny slogans and smiley faces on them. You are hot, not funny in your southern hemisphere. Think black brushed cotton trunks instead or if boxers than midnight blue and silky.  After all you are clothing your personal royalty here and not simply some jester.

Your Inner Prince

Girls love princes. I mean they are the things they dream about from when they are 3 years old and believe me they never grow out of it. So if you get the chance then show her your inner prince. Having said that you might find it rather awkward to run around in tights and a floor length cape and I am not suggesting you do that. But you can always do the modern equivalent and wear a suit.

My theory is that every guy looks better in a suit. That is what they are made for, to endow you with pure testosterone-laden manliness. What could possibly give you more confidence?

I am not talking about some ill-fitting polyester office suit. Unfortunately this is an area where you might have to spend some dollars. Invest in a great navy blue or charcoal gray suit made from natural fiber. If cashmere is out of your budget opt for worsted wool. A suit like this is an absolute classic and can last you for the rest of your life. The jacket can be combined with jeans and a nice cotton shirt or even just a white t-shirt. Either way you’ll look a million dollars.

Iron Man!

I agree that wrinkles on a guy can have a certain sex appeal. They have to be around his eyes though and maybe go with a certain bank balance. Wrinkles on a guy’s shirt, especially if you dress smartly, are simply not on. Yes, yes I know there are those girls out there who might take pity on your underdeveloped ironing skills and offer you some ironing lessons – if you are lucky. But don’t bank on it.

Chances are that you foster the impression of you being an unorganized couch potato. Not the most confidence boosting vibe, so I suggest that the only creases you show her are the ones on your bed sheets.

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About Gloria Mundi

‘Gloria Mundi’ is the woman every man needs. She has seen it all: guys who succeed and guys who fail. With many years of experience in the style arena she knows the magic ingredients to transform any frog into a prince. If you want to get inside a woman’s head (or simply inside her pants)… let Gloria whisper in your ear.

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