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About Gloria Mundi ‘Gloria Mundi’ is the woman every man needs. She has seen it all: guys who succeed and guys who fail. With many years of experience in the style arena she knows the magic ingredients to transform any frog into a prince. If you want to get inside a woman’s head (or simply inside her pants)… let Gloria whisper in your ear.


    How to Choose Cologne

    img Posted November 17, 2011

    Our sense of smell is the only sense connected to our dinosaur brain. That means it immediately hits our emotions and evokes a reaction. It can take you back to wonderful childhood ...


    How to Smell Divine, Part 1

    img Posted November 7, 2011

    There is this time in a boy\'s life when he suddenly stops smelling like a heavenly child and he enters into the world of real men, at least in the smell department. When puberty h ...


    How to Look Good in the Gym

    img Posted October 31, 2011

    Let?s face it. There are better and worse places for picking up. If you tend to pass away your spare time in remote wilderness areas you might be a hot guy but unfortunately you ar ...


    Easy Ways to Up Your Scoring, Part 2

    img Posted October 24, 2011

    Read Part 1 here. Unfortunately many guys are still under the impression that only girls have to invest time and money to amp up their appearance. Hey, this is the twenty first ...


    Easy Ways to Up Your Scoring Rate, Part 1

    img Posted October 17, 2011

    Yes we all know it: Is the inside that counts. [caption id=\"attachment_29802\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"180\" caption=\"Make your face better!\"][/caption] Your personal ...


    Girls Love to Cuddle Up to Sweaters

    img Posted October 10, 2011

    Still having nightmares about your school uniform sweater? Sweaters your Mom made you wear, making you look like the dorkiest kid on the block? Dreaded hand knits from your least f ...

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