The Average-Guy-Pulling-Sexy-Chick Guide to Dressing

Have you ever wondered why beautiful girls date ugly men? Yes, the money, right. Donald certainly holds a Trump card when it comes to dating hot girls like Melanie. I also agree that Anna Nicole Smith was interested in something other than her 80-year-old husband?s hunk rating. But that is not what I mean.

I am talking about those girls who have the money themselves; celebrities who have made it and still date the geek. Just think of Beyonc? and Jay-Z, Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick, J. Lo and Mark Anthony, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?I could go on.

Be fashionable

These guys are no hunks. If you saw them across the street you wouldn?t notice them yet the women they bed are fairy floss material AND have a bank account that rivals their looks. It proves you do not have to be a hunk to pull a sexy chick. But what you need to have is the one thing that women are attracted to like flies to smelly meat: Confidence!

One of the easiest ways to boost your confidence is by dressing well. After all what people see when they look at you is 90% clothes, and believe me we all listen to what those bits of fabric whisper in our ears. If you dress confidently you feel confident and in turn you give off those vibes.

The big question is how DO you dress for confidence and pulling power?

1. Know Thyself

It is a good start to analyze what type of woman you want to attract. All? Get out!

Well if you are into glamour girls you probably should stop wearing your mum?s hand knit pullovers. If on the other hand you are more into girl-next-door girls then give up on your heavy metal outfit. Makes sense?

?Dress alike to what you like? is your motto here. If in doubt stay away from too otherworldly outfits and dress classically. Jeans, white cotton shirt and black or brown leather loafers area a universal look that fits almost anywhere. Add a Jacket for instant V-shape and you are on your way.

2. Suit Yourself

Make sure that everything you wear fits you well. The most expensive and elegant clothes won?t get you anywhere if they exaggerate your beer gut or are skintight around your non-existing gluteus. Stop being a fashion victim! There are many ways of hiding imperfections. Let me just mention a few.

Every man?s upper body looks better in a well-fitting jacket. It makes your shoulders look broader, hides a few kilos and covers the hip area. Black or other darker colors are always more flattering if you suffer from too much bulk.

If in doubt about a good fit, ask a girl in the store (other than the shop assistant unless she is immensely cute) about her advice. Women love to give advice. You might end up with good-looking clothes AND a date!

3. Invest in the Good Stuff

Let?s face it; a white T-shirt is a white t-shirt, no matter what logo. Even well cut Jeans can be purchased rather cheaply. Spend your money instead on worthwhile accessories that amp up your overall look. A great belt can last you a lifetime and a classical look here will transform any pair of jeans into a stylish outfit. Spend money on your shoes. Most girls will scrutinize you down there?not there?further down I mean!

?And you can make or break an outfit with what you wear around your tootsies.

? to be continued


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