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Eye Contract Tricks: The Look Back


What’s my favorite look that I get from a woman? Well, sexy and excited do top the list on that one, but the third place winner isn’t what you’d expect: My third favorite look is when she looks away.

I’m not talking about when she looks away in discomfort as if to say, “listen, I’m not into you or any man right now”. I’m talking about when she gets nervous and pulls away in the same way I sometimes do when a beautiful woman ‘catches’ me checking her out… the look that lets me know I’ve given her butterflies.

The look back

Most guys write this off as ‘rejection’, as if by her looking away she saying that she’s not interested. If those guys put their head down dejected and stop looking at her, they may just miss the best part.

True, sometimes she really isn’t interested in any flirtatiousness, and sometimes she’ll be too nervous and or anxious to look back. But sometimes… sometimes she won’t be able to help it. Despite her nervousness, sometimes she musters up the courage to take one last sneak peek at the guy who made her heart go aflutter.

The question is, where are you when she sneaks that peek? Was your head already down, wallowing in your dejection? Or when her eyes popped back up to meet yours, did you get nervous and look away yourself? I’ve done that hundreds of times, if not thousands in my life.

Your third option is pretty amazing. When she looks back at you and you, fully aware of the emotional impact you just had on her, the nervousness that caused her to look away, simply smile to acknowledge that you ‘caught her being a girl’.

For starters, when you do this you’ll feel amazing. Try remember a moment where you felt more confident. You now have the option to walk away having enjoyed a little flirtatious moment that brightened up both of your days. Your other option is to say “Hey, how’s it going” to the woman that is very clearly attracted to you, make her dreams come true, and see where things go from there.

This game has been going on around us for thousands of years – the only question is whether or not we’re playing.

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About Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks is a professional social and dating coach located in the New York area. His specialties include building genuine and lasting confidence, removing barriers of fear and self doubt in the face of women and social situations, and helping men gain self acceptance and power through unleashing of their sexuality. He's taught hundreds of clients to become genuinely confident, fearless and charming since 2008, and is known for his direct, highly sexual style of game Check out Sparks of Attraction.

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  1. Diego

    December 18, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Great article! It happened me not long ago and as you say I felt more confident with myself: she looked at me looking her, I smiled, and looked away trying to hide a smile… men, it was great!!! Next time it will be easier!

  2. Nick

    December 19, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    Thanks Diego. I hope you enjoy playing the game going on right in plain sight that most guys never notice.

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