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How To Approach Women At The Gym (Without Being Creepy)

img Posted September 20, 2021

Most gyms are packed with beautiful women with toned athletic bodies. It’s completely understandable that you want to know how to approach them. At the same time, it can seem like there’s barely ever a prime opportunity to do so.  In most cases, these women will be dripping in sweat, completely focused on their workout,

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Social Momentum: The #1 Cure For Social Anxiety 

img Posted March 10, 2021

This is your dating superpower Social Momentum removes your inhibitions just as well as alcohol. Plus, you save yourself the money, the hangover and the misfortune of acting like a belligerent idiot.   Maybe you have realized on a drunken night out that women like you better without your inhibitions. Suddenly, it’s easy to unleash your

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How To Kill Your Ego

img Posted February 10, 2021

Destroying your ego is one of the best things you can do. Your ego is your self-perception.  A ‘big ego’ means you’re full of yourself. A ‘small ego’ means you’re full of self-doubt.  Both types of ego are powerful. Both will flood your mind with the most believable excuses and rationalisations. Both will ruin your

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How To Deal With Being Disliked

img Posted January 13, 2021

All men must risk being hated to enhance their chances of being loved To be LOVED by some people, you have to risk being hated by others. That’s because the easiest way to be loved is to shamelessly embrace the unique aspects of your personality. Whatever makes you laugh, whatever makes you smile, whatever annoys

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