1 Tiny Thing That Will 3x Your Confidence With Women

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1 Tiny Thing That Will 3x Your Confidence With Women

#1 Confidence Boosting Tip

?Life is a series of steps. Things are done gradually. Once in awhile there is a giant step, but most of the time we are taking small, seemingly insignificant steps on the stairway of life.? – Ralph Ransom

?I don?t have sex until I really get to know someone,? she whispered in my ear during our dinner date, ?But I LOVE cuddling.?

I took a mental note. Cuddling before sex. Got it.

Fast forward two hours later into our date, and I built up the courage to ask her, ?So uhhh? wanna come back to my apartment and watch a movie?? I joked, ?We can cuddle, but no sex allowed!?

Part of me was praying that she said ?no, I have to get up early?. Or ?I don?t know you well enough?. That would have made things so much easier. That would have kept me safely in my comfort zone.

But alas, no.

?OK!? she replied.

That familiar wave of anxiety tickled my heart.

After we got to my apartment, I led her to my two-person recliner, and covered us in my thickest comforter.

As her head lay on my chest, my heart rate sped up by at least 50%.

Why does this always happen? Why can?t I just be normal and be relaxed around girls?

I had already gotten over my fear of approaching girls. I?d gotten over my fear of talking to girls. Heck, I?d even gotten over my fear of asking a girl out.

But the instant I touched a girl, my heart rate shot through the roof.

As we cuddled, her ear was resting directly over my heart. She could quite literally hear my anxiety pounding away.

A female?s touch didn?t just make me uncomfortable? it put me on the verge of a panic attack.

But because I understood ?one tiny rule of confidence? I was able to push my anxiety away, and keep pushing forward?

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I didn?t awkwardly push her away from me. I didn?t try to avoid contact with her, like I normally would have.

Instead, I took a deep breath and accepted the fact that my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. And I accepted the fact that she could probably hear it. And that she probably knew I was nervous.

And you know what?

She didn?t say a word about my heart rate.

And the next time I hung out with her, we cuddled again.

My heart still raced at the beginning. But it settled down in less than 5 minutes.

And the third time we hung out, my heart rate was no longer a problem at all.

My anxiety, vanished into thin air. Never to come back again.

And it?s all thanks to the power of tiny piece of ?instant therapy?.

This therapy is truly the ?one therapy to rule them all.?

It?s the fastest way to gain massive amounts of confidence.

Used correctly, it consistently has higher success rates than any wishy washy form of therapy or pseudoscience. And if you have any fears, anxieties, or reservations about women, it?s the fastest, most effective way to get over them.

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Here?s a tip:

If you?re deathly afraid of something? DON?T DO IT.

That?s something most ?self help gurus? and ?dating coaches? won?t tell you.


But the truth is that can make your confidence even worse?

It can bring up actual trauma, and make you go further into your shell over the long run.

If you?re deathly afraid of heights, you don?t overcome that by climbing Mt. Everest.

You do the one simple thing that I teach that allows you to make that ?thing? lose it?s power over you…

If you?re not having the success you want with women, some part of the process of meeting, talking to, having sex with, and developing a relationship with a woman makes you incredibly anxious.

(It?s OK, you can admit. It’s happened to all of us.)

Maybe it?s saying ?hi? to her. Maybe it?s when things start to get physical. Whatever it is, it?s holding you back from the success you want.

And if you?re anything like I was, you may have the illusion that ?someday? you?ll have the time and energy to put in the gargantuan effort it takes to overcome the thing that makes you anxious.

You have a fantasy that you?ll take ?one giant leap?, and sometime in the not-so-distant future you?ll be able to ?get over? the thing that?s causing you so much anxiety.

Well, I?ve got news for you, my friend. That “perfect” day is never going to come. The pieces of life rarely fit themselves that perfectly into place.

To get over your anxieties, and develop rock-solid confidence, you have to implement a proven, fast method? one that doesn?t leave you worse off?

In this presentation I?m going to show you exactly what to do:

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I hope this helps? we?ll chat again soon 🙂