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Escalation & Closing the Deal

A lot of guys suffer from the inability to close the deal, go for the kiss, or move things to a sexual level with a girl they are attracted to.? These articles show you exactly how to move things from friendly to flirty to sexual.

Closing the Deal with Women: ?This article focuses on getting that elusive first kiss. It also highlights the importance of making sure you don?t end a date without.

The Dicarlo Escalation Ladder:??This is a classic article by Vin Dicarlo where he does a brilliant job of breaking down every single step of escalation during an interaction with a woman.

What if she says ?i have a boyfriend.?: ?A lot of guys fear the I have a boyfriend objection to their escalation attempts. In this article you?ll learn some of the best ways to deal with it.

How to Touch a girl without seeming creepy:??This article answers a common question guys have about initiating more ?touching? in their interactions. And more importantly, explains how to do it without appearing creepy.

How to hook up with a ?tease.?: ?Some girls like the attention that ?teasing? men gives them. So they?ll continually make you feel like they want to hook up with you.. but then don?t. ?This article explains how to deal with these type of girls.

Getting Over Your Fear of Escalation: ?Sixty teaches us how to learn to love escalating, and?ultimately?how to stop being afraid of it and understand its importance.

When You Have a Girl Back at Your Place:??Rob explains the steps you take once you get a girl back to your place. ?He provides 3 pro tips on how to handle the situation.

The WRONG way to Escalate: ?Nick talks about the single biggest mistake men make while escalating with a woman.

The Guide to ?Sexcalation?: Jon Sinn writes a nice little guide for you. In this article he focuses on verbal escalation and how move things forward with the things you?re saying.

The 5 Myths of Getting Laid:?? This is another article by Jon Sinn where he?dispels?some of the common myths about turning things sexual with a woman.

How to Arouse a Woman: The Secrets of Sexual Attraction: ?Really great article on the intricacies of creating sexual , arousal, and making a woman horny for you.

What to Say to Girls (explained)

Most guys struggle with what to talk about with a girl you’re attracted to.? These articles provide tips and tactics for exactly what to say to girls to make them like you.

How to make women Laugh: ?This is a good article by Derek Vitalio that stress the importance of being playful with your humor and not going overboard trying to be a clown.

More tips on Flirting: ?This is a really good post filled with examples of how to flirt with a girl. Christian provides some good examples of flirting techniques.

What to Talk About with Women: This article by Sebastian Drake is in-depth and gives an awesome overview of how to keep a conversation going. It also gives concrete examples of things to say in certain situations.

How to Get Girls in 5 Simple Steps: ?These are the basics you have to learn in order to begin to bed more women, and get more girls.

Great First Date Questions: ?This article talks about the dreaded . And it provides a few simple, yet productive questions that will get the conversation going.

Ultimate Phone Game Tactics: ?Here is an article by Neil Strauss where he discusses some strategy for your time on the phone with girls.

How to use cold reading for picking up girls: ?Here you?ll learn some good cold reading routines. Cold reading can be super fun and effective at taking things to the next level.

Using an Opinion Opener to Start a Conversation: ?Here?s a look at how good opinion openers can be as an opening line of conversation. ?Personally, I still LOVE opinion openers and think they are a great way to start a conversation.

The Right Way to Tease a Girl: ?Roosh talks about the power of teasing and how to use it effectively. ?Roosh discusses some ideas like making her feel what you?re feeling.

How to Improve Your Conversation Skills: ?This article is all about improving the way you talk to girls. ?It gives some tips on how to create deeper rapport and make connections.

Handling Women’s Tests

Whether you realize it or not, women are constantly testing you.? Here you’ll identity what these tests are and the right way to handle them.

Handling Women?s Tests: ?Women love to test men. At first I used to hate this fact. Then I learned to accept and embrace it. ?This article shows how you can use it as an opportunity to increase her for you.

What to Do If She Turns Her Cheek When You Go for the Kiss: ?Have you ever gotten the dreaded cheek turn? If so, you?re gonna want to read this article on how to handle it when she turns her cheek.

Going Caveman on Women: ?How to use the ?caveman technique to kiss more girls, escalate easier, and have a ton more fun doing it. ?Try this out.

7 Biggest Mistakes Men Make Going for the Kiss: ?This article reveals the seven biggest mistakes men make while going for the kiss and how to avoid them.

How to know if she likes you: ?Here are 5 signs that the girl definitely wants you to kiss her. ?These are also good signs that you should get her number.

How to kiss a girl:??Not sure exactly how to kiss a girl? Rob provides a good breakdown of the steps it takes and how to master the art of kissing.

How girls let you know they want to make out:??This article talks about the subtle ways that girls will let you know that they want to jump your bones.

Three Ways to Touch a Girl that Turn Her On: ?Let?s face it, before you can ever go in for the kiss you?ve got to be touching her in some way. This lets her know its coming.

The Best Kissing Techniques: ?Vin Dicarlo talks about his favorite kissing techniques. These are beyond the ordinary type of kissing you might be usually doing.

When She?s Sending Mixed Signals: ?TSB?s female writer Natasha explains why she might be sending mixed signals and what those signals really mean.

Guide for Hooking Up on Campus: ?Alex shares tips designed specifically for guys looking to hook up in college.

Creating Chemistry, Bonding, and Connection

How do you create intense chemistry with a woman? That is what you’ll discover in these articles.? You’ll learn what type of conversation leads to the best chance of making her fall for you.

Why You Need Deep and Wide Rapport: ?Here?s an article that talks about the different types of rapport, and which type of rapport is best for creating with a woman.

How to Create the Perfect Icebreaker: ?Marcus provides some solid tips for thinking on your feet. He also gives a really good blueprint for creating an icebreaker.

How to Vibe with Women: ?Rob Judge gives an awesome explanation of how to vibe with women. He gives examples of the nuts and bolts of ?social vibing?.

The Art of Comfort Building: ?This is an older post from Sparky about comfort building. He does a good job of simplifying exactly what comfort building actually is in regards to dating conversation.

Using Pop Culture to Create Rapport: ?Rob Judge ?talks about how to use pop culture to create rapport with a woman. It is an easy way to get on ?her level? and avoid being seen as a random guy in a bar.

6 Traits of Good Conversations: ?I believe that certain topics lend themselves to creating with women. These are the traits a conversation topic must have to be effective.

The Secret to Being Funny around Girls: ?Nick Sparks gives his opinion on what it takes to make a joke more effective and how to be seen as more funny by girls.

How to Bond and Create Emotional Connections: ?Simon Heong wrote a great article sharing tips on how to bond with girls and create deeper connections.

Josh Pellicer Super Power Rapport: Rob highlights my friend Josh Pellicer?s ability to quickly get rapport with women (and people in general.) ?I?ve hung out with Josh numerous times and I?m always amazed how quickly he makes friends with people.

How to Build a Connection with a Woman: ?Derek Vitalio talks about some tips for creating a connection with women. You can use these to deepen rapport.

Common Dating Questions Answered

These are articles deal with the most common questions guy have about various elements of their dating life and quest to meet a fun, cool girlfriend.

Phone Game Basics (for when you can?t take): ?Rob gives a real good breakdown of how you should handle phone calls for the situations in which texting is not appropriate.

Texting a Girl: A Guide to Text Message Game: ?Since we just covered phone game in the above article, lets look back at an article from four years ago on text game.

How to Pickup a Bartender: ?This is an article I wrote detailing exactly what you need to do if you want to pick up a bartender.

What to Say to Girls (explained): ?The ability to talk is the surest way you?ll get into a girls pants. ?This articles highlights what sort of things you need to be saying to her to increase the likelihood she becomes attracted to you.

3 Ways to Kill Any Attraction a Girl Feels Toward You: This article I outline 3 of the ways you can quickly kill any that a girl feels toward you.

How to Pickup a Stripper and other advice: ?Darren provides some excellent advice on what it takes to pull a stripper and get her out on a date with you. He also answers a few more questions about same night lays and students struggling to improve.

3 Questions about ?Dance Floor Game?: ?I had a chance to interview my friend Ryan who teaches ?dance floor game.? ?For those of you looking to score girls in clubs, this is a must read article.

How to Write Your Online Dating Profile: ?Dave M. tackles one of the biggest questions guys have about creating an online dating profile.. what the hell do I write?

Outgoing with Friend? Shy on Dates?: ?Here?s a question I answered from a guy who faced a similiar problem that I used to face. ?He is normal and fun with his friends, but turns into a boring dork on a date.

How to Handle ?Whisky Dick?:??Here?s another question I get a lot.

Stop Being a “Nice Guy”

Do you suffer from syndrome? If so then check out these articles which explain how to break free of your habits destroying your chances with women.

8 Traits That Make You Appear Like a ?Nice Guy.?: ?Here are 8 counter-intuitive traits that guys mistakenly think create , when it fact these 8 traits kill sexual chemistry.

Stop Acting Like a Girl: ?Here is a no hold barred article by Rob attacking guys who think they can score women acting like a woman. Women are NOT attracted to men who don?t display some ?bold confidence.?

How to Keep a Girl: ?Rob talks about some of the mistakes men make that drive women away down the road. If you want to keep a girl?interested?you have to change some things to keep the alive.

5 Tips for Being?Irresistible to Women:??Dan provides some solid tips on how become more attractive to women. And of couse, fist on his list is ?lose the attitude.

Being the Fearless Badboy: ?Here is my take on what it means to be a ?bad boy.? ?Too many guys confuse being a bad boy with being an asshole. However, I dont think that is the case.

Why Girls Love Bad Boys (and Traits of the bad boy): ?In this article Derek Vitalio shares his opinion on why girl?s love the bad boys. And he identifies the most common traits that you should emulate from them.

How to Dress Like a Badboy: ?George provides some fashion advice for guys looking to overhaul their wardrobe and begin dressing a bit more ?edgy.?

The James Dean Factor: ?John wrote a cool article about how to mix James Dean?s confidence with his sensitivity.

How to Display Masculine Qualities: ?Most men are wrong about what ?masculine qualities? really are. In this article I try to show the masculine qualities you actually want to be displaying.

How to Make a Conversation Sexual with One Change: ?Alex gives a helpful hint with one change you can make to your conversations and come across as a more sexually confident man.

Qualifying: A Powerful Way to Attract Women: ?Swinggcat gives a good explanation of a ?stealth? technique. ?It involves exploiting the phychological principle of commitment and consistency.

How to Escalate: The Pregnant Pause:??Nick Sparks gives a really slick maneuver on how to escalate with women. ?It involves non verbal cues to let her know whats coming next. ? You can?read more?escalation?articles here.

Being Nice In Bed is Mean To Your Girl: ?Words from a porn star, as Shawnee talks about how guys don?t understand that women want a guy who is not afraid to get a little ?naughty? in the bedroom.

Fight Club and Self Confidence: ?John uses the movie Fight Club to talk about elements of self confidence. ?It includes valuable lessons like ?pursue your dreams at all cost.?

Have the Confidence to Not Give a Damn: ?John writes another article about confidence, in which he talks about getting rid of your need for approval.

Go Commando: ?Rob writes a post advicing guys to ruthlessly pursue what they want. This is a call of action to immediately go after what you want.

Cure of One-Itis: ?At some point every guy suffers from ?one-itis?. ?This means you get hung up or even obsessed with one particular girl who is driving you crazy. ?Sean details his cure for one-itis.

The Necessity of Risk: ?One of the biggest qualities of ?alpha males? or guys who achieve a lot in all areas of life there is risk tolerance. These guys are not afraid to put a little bit on the line to get what they want.

How to Walk Like an Alpha Male: ?In this article Sebastian Drake describes how to walk like an alpha male. ?LOTS of my students have told me this article helped them tremendously.

Bust Through Your Comfort Zone: ?This is an article I wrote from Medellin Colombia talking about how most good things in like take place outside of your comfort zone.

Getting Out of the Friend Zone

Stuck in the ?? Read through this collection of articles all about how to finally get out of the for good. And how to make your female friends fall in love with you.

Can Men and Women Really be Friends: ?Jonathan answers the eternal question ?can men and women really be friends?? ?This is the first question you must ask yourself about the .

Are you a sheep in wolf?s clothing?? A big part of getting out the is being able to act sexually when the situation arises. Talk will not get you out of the , action will.

How to tell if you?re in the : ?Jordan gives you five clues that there is a good chance that she only sees you as a friend and not someone she wants to sleep with.

3 Ways to Instantly Kill Attraction: ?So you have a thing for your female friend? How can you avoid blowing it and making sure her to you doesn?t plummet?

Getting Out of the Friend Zone: Vin Dicarlo gives some solid advice on the steps you must take to get your ass out of the dreaded ?just friends? land.

Is your game lacking ?sexual intent??: ?This is an article I wrote describing a common mistake many guys make. The mistake is hiding your sexual intent to a woman.

Turning a Friend into a Lover (part 1)?This is part one of my two part series on escaping the and turning a female friend into a lover.

Turning a Friend into a Lover (part 2)?This is the second part of my two part series on getting out of the and turning a female friend into your girlfriend.

More than friends? is it worth it?: ?In this article we get a female?s perspective on the risks of trying to be more than friends with someone you really like.

How to increase your attractiveness to a female friend: ?Simon gives us some good tips on how to become more attractive to our female friend.

First Date Tips

Before your next date, review this collection of articles providing advice on how to have an amazing , and how to get her to want to see you again.

Creating Multiple Dates in One Night: Chase Amante talks about the power of moving locations on your dates. ?The more locations you can bring her to the more time you spend with her, and the more memories you create.

First Date?Survival?Guide: ?Roosh gives his survival guide including the important concepts that you must remember if you want the date to be a success.

The Psychology of Seduction: ?Having success on a date is greatly influenced by how much you understand the psychology of a seduction. This article goes through the six weapons of influence that you can use in a seduction.

The 7 Seduction Archetypes: ?In the book ?The Art of Seduction? they list the seven types of guys that women like. In this article I discuss them in more depth and provide modern examples of the Seduction archetypes.

How to Create Rapport on a Date: ?In this article I discuss the right type of rapport to create with a woman. Most guys get rapport?completely?wrong and wind up placing them selves in the .

The Onion Theory: ?This article talks about turning yourself into an onion with multiple layers that a woman has to continually people away to learn more and more about you.

Great way to build on a date: ?Here is a technique that is sure to jump start when you?re out on a date with a girl. ?It?s called ?the take away?

The Subtle and Fine Art of Flirting: ?Whether you?re out on a date, or just meeting a girl for the first time its super important that you understand exactly how to flirt effectively.

8 Common Dating Myths:??Ron Luis walks you through the 8 dating myths that might be holding you back from success.

Cocky Funny Examples: ?We all have heard the expression ?cocky funny?. ?Well this article gives you some cocky funny examples you can use on a date to build .

4 Best Ways to Touch a Woman You Just Met: Rob shows you the simplest ways to bring things to a physical relationship with a girl.

How to Build Attraction the RIGHT Way

Here is a collection of articles with all of the proven and effective techniques for creating in a woman you are interested in.? You’ll find dozens of tactics for making a woman want you.

Flirt to Succeed: ?Here is a very old post from TSB on flirting. However, the article brings up some important concepts about ?energy levels.?

10 Steps to Seduction: ?This is a breakdown of 1o important steps towards leading a woman into bed. Miss any of these flirting and seduction steps and you?ll be out of synch.

Cold Reading: ?Here?s an article by Swinggcat. ?Here he talks about one of the most powerful flirting techniques for creating with a woman.

Using Conversation Hooks: ?Here?s a great article on a cool technique for creating ?hooks? in a conversation with a woman.

Attraction Through Assuming: ?Here?s another article from Swinggcat about another ? building technique?.

How to Make a Woman Horny: ?Derek Vitalio shares 10 awesome tips on how to make girls horny with the way you communicate with them.

What NOT to talk about on a date: ?Carlos Xuma goes over some of the all-time worst topics to talk to a woman about on a date.

How to Pickup a Waitress: ?Zan shares his famous ?waitress technique? for scoring a waitress.

Things to Avoid When Picking Up Chicks:??Famous pickup artist Tyler Durden reveals some of things you must avoid when you?re out in the field hitting on girls.

Eleven Classic Posts from Neil Strauss: ?Here are 11 of Neil Strauss?s most famous articles all compiled in one place.

Seduce Her Like James Bond:??This is actually a cool game you can use to make your pickups a lot more fun. ?It?involves?role playing, one of the techniques I talk about in?Make Small Talk Sexy?(free report)

Neil Strauss?s ?Cube Routine?: ?Here is the Cube Routine that Neil Strauss talks about in his book ?The Game.?

Style?s ?Girlfriend Test?:??This is Neil Strauss ?Girlfriend Test? that he talks about in the bok ?The Game.?

The Secret to Making a Girl Attracted to You: ?I couldn?t agree more with Derek Vitalio?s article about what get?s a girl attracted to you. It?s often overlooked in dating advice.

7 Deadly Body Language Mistakes: ?This is an?in-depth?article that talks about the major body language mistakes that you must avoid if you want to create in a woman.

Learn to Talk Better:??Here are some quick tips to learn how to talk to girls . These are slight adjustments that you can make to the way you communicate for good results.

10 Pickup Tips from Neil Strauss: ?Neil Strauss walks you through the 10 things he makes sure he does in every single seduction. This makes a good checklist.

What Makes You Attractive: ?Derek Vitalio answers the age old question ?what makes you attractive to a girl??

Tucker Max?s Guide to Good Game: ?Here are a collection of articles from Tucker Max talking about what he considers the most essential ingredients to succes with women.

Should You Pay for Dates?: ?This article by Mystery examines who should pay for the date? ?Should the guy always pay for the date? What about buying girl?s a drink?

The Strawberry Field’s Routine😕 This is a routine made famous by Jon Sinn where he gives you a routine you can use bring sexual elements into a conversation with a woman.

Get Her Thinking About Sex with You😕 Discover this simple trick that gets a woman to start imagining having sex with you, even if you’re not her type.

How to Get Better in Bed

Here is a collection of some of TSB Magazine?s best and most popular articles for improving in the bedroom. These articles will tell you exactly what women want in bed. ?And they cover topics like how to get more blow jobs, sex tips, how to make women horny, and much more.

The Top 10 Things Women Want You to Do in Bed: ?This article explains exactly what women want you to do in bed, what turns her on, and how to keep her coming back for more.

9 Types of Female Orgasms: In this article Shawna explains the different ways to bring a woman to climax and the difference between each type of orgasm.

How to Get a Girl Thinking About Sleeping with You: ?In this article you?ll learn the easiest way to get a girl imaging having sex with you.

How to Make a Woman Horny: ?Derek Vitalio wrote a great article on various ways to turn a woman on. ?He gives some solid tips to get a girl horny.

3 Sex Positions That Guarantee Orgasm: ?Here is another article talking about the sex positions that are most likely to bring a woman to orgasm.

Step by Step Escalation Ladder: ?This is Vin Dicarlo?s classic article providing a step by step way to bring sex into a conversation.

3 Common Mistakes Getting Physical with a Woman: ?This article explains some of the common mistakes guys make when taking things to a physical level with a woman.

10 Ways to Tease a Woman: ?Here are 10 of the best ways to sexually tease a woman and lead her towards climaxing.

How to Get more Blowjobs: ?Dan Rose provides some solid tips on how to get more blow jobs. Including one of the best tips on the subject.

The Ultimate Guide Male Kegeling: ?How to use kegel exercises to become a multi-orgasmic man.

How to Ejaculate Like a Porn Star:? In this article Dan explains a technique for how to ejaculate like a porn star and having a girl girl begging you for for more.

How to Get an Erection Every Single Time: ?Dan provides some solid advice on how to get an erection every single time.

The Ultimate Guide to Fingering a Girl😕 Shawnee gives a tutorial on how to finger a woman and bring her to orgasm with your hands.

Controversial Sex Tip May Shock You😕 Shawnee explains how a woman’s ass is actually a place that really turns her on, especially when you use your mouth.

3 Strange Oral Sex Positions😕 Want to spice up your relationship or your sex life, test out of one these new oral sex positions.

How to Tell if She’s Really Cumming😕 In this article you’ll learn how to spot the clues that a woman is having an orgasm and not faking it like so many women do when you can’t make her cum.

3 Ways to Make Sex Good with a Small Penis: If you have a small penis and you’re worried that women won’t be satisfied then this explains how you can still give a woman an orgasm with a small package.