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About robertbrasher A creative writer for many years, with experiences in many areas. People fascinate me, and stoke my desire to educate the masses on the madness we can and do create in this world. Through writing, we pass knowledge; through understanding, we pass tradition.


    Is She Over Her Ex?

    img Posted July 21, 2018

    Things to Watch for That May Reveal That A Flame Still Burns for Her Ex Love comes and goes. Breakups happen. Various sources disagree on who gets over relationships quicker, men o ...


    How To Play It Cool After Hooking Up

    img Posted July 20, 2018

    The Right Things to Do After A Hookup That Leave a Good Impression (instead of looking like a douche) If you are a red-blooded male, hookups are bound to happen. You never know, ri ...


    How To Convince Your Girlfriend To Have A Threesome

    img Posted July 14, 2018

    The Three Important Needs for Initiating A Great Threesome That She Will Enjoy (and you will too) M?nage ? trois. It?s a titillating thought, isn?t it? Many men become instantly ar ...


    Why Is Hank Moody So Attractive?

    img Posted July 6, 2018

    The Truth About Hank Moody?s Devil-May-Care Attitude (and how you can live your life on your terms) Hank Moody. Women love him, and men want to be him. Why? He was just a fictional ...


    Is Jealousy Ruining Your Dating Or Romantic Life?

    img Posted June 23, 2018

    Understanding When Jealousy is Too Much for Your Woman (and when it works) Every day many men find themselves walking a razor thin line. It is the line between protecting our woman ...


    Is Calling A Woman On The Phone Outdated?

    img Posted June 22, 2018

    In a Digital World, Is Talking on the Phone Still Important (plus, why it should be)? Once upon a time, when you asked a girl out, you got her phone number. Then, after waiting an ...


    How To Express Sexual Interest For a Woman

    img Posted June 15, 2018

    Understanding the Right Sexual Mindset and Approach with Women (that won?t make them run away) In today?s society, being a male is challenging. We are seeing a rise in radical femi ...


    How To Know If She Is Going To Cheat

    img Posted June 8, 2018

    Changes in Behavior That May Be Telling You She Plans to Step Out Monogamy and Fidelity. Two words that most men want to associate with their relationships. Yes, there are open and ...


    Which Dating Sites Have “Real Girls”?

    img Posted June 1, 2018

    Dating Sites That Won?t Leave You Wondering If You Are Talking To A Fembot Dating sites are one of the best ways to meet women. You can go on nearly any site and see them promote t ...


    How To Know If You’re Being Ghosted

    img Posted May 25, 2018

    The Signs to Watch for That Can Let You Know She is About to Vanish Poof! Gone! Vanished! One day everything seems fine, texts are being answered ? albeit somewhat briefly ? you ar ...

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