Meet Our Coaches

Work one-on-one with one of our professional dating coaches.  Together you will create a vision for where you want to be in dating and social life, then develop specific plans to get you there and rid yourself of “nice guy” habits, unattractive qualities, and gain the skills live the life you know you deserve.


Bobby Rio – Chief Coach

Bobby is the founder of, and a professional dating coach for 12 years.  He has worked with thousands of men all over the world, and currently has 213,300 guys subscribed to his daily newsletter helping them rid themselves of ‘nice guy’ habits holding them back.

Comma“A woman doesn’t put you in the friend zone, you put yourself in the friend zone by the way you act toward her”


Currently Booked Up till January 2019


Rob Judge

Rob Judge – Head Coach

Rob is the c0-creator of Magnetic Messaging, The Scrambler, and The Dating Apocalypse programs.  He was once known as the top pickup artist in the world. And is now the most renown coach on using dating apps to expand your social life and meet more women.

Comma“Once a girl knows she has you its over, and you’ll never have her”


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Jon Sinn

Jon Sinn – Head Coach

Jon Sinn is legendary in the dating advice and pickup artist community.  For years he was considered the top pickup artist in the world, and one of the best in the world at quickly turning ordinary guys into the type of guys who have abundance and choice with women.

Comma“You think its one way. But its another way”


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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson – Head Coach

Chris “Sixty Years of Challenge” Anderson is the #1 coach in the world at teaching guys how to quickly build explosive sexual chemistry with a woman.  He is also know for teaching his “Under the Radar” where to escalate, build attraction, and have a woman sexually attracted to you.

Comma“Escalation is Attractive”


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