2 Girls Teach Sex Review (With Hot Pictures from DVDs)

2 Girls Teach Sex Review (With Hot Pictures)


By: Bobby Rio

My Review of 2 Girls Teach Sex

I?m going to start this review with a tough admission to make: I was once REALLY terrible at sex.

Like, so terrible that girls would actually never give me a second try in bed with them. (Of course, they never said that to my face, but word got around. Plus, you could kind of tell when they?re not having fun in bed.) I?m sure this is a common feeling a lot of us guys have, and rightfully so.

It takes awhile getting used to your own body, and her body, in order to really have some great sex. We all know that the first time you?re going to have sex is going to suck (not REALLY suck, that old joke about what pizza and sex have in common) but what people don?t tell you is that it takes a long while to really get comfortable sexually. It takes a handful of partners, hundreds if not thousands of times having sex, in order to really feel comfortable doing it.

Or you could just buy the ?2 Girls Teach Sex? program.

Really. That?s all it takes.

At this point in my life, I generally don?t need much sex advice. That?s not gloating or anything, it?s just what experience does to you. So when I got my copy of the ?2 Girls Teach Sex? program I kind of scoffed at it. ?What more could it really teach me?? I thought.

Boy, was I wrong.

Among the things I learned with this program that blew my mind:

1.? A shift in the missionary position that gets you inside almost two inches more, a significant difference.

2. How to spot her from faking orgasms, which helps give her REAL ones.

3. The tricks of getting her addicted to sex with you, so that she won?t even think about turning in another guy?s direction.

4. A guarantee for how to give her an orgasm from penetration.

5. A pleasure spot on a woman that?s not her G-spot that I?ve never even heard about!

This is just a taste, folks. And even though I?ve had plenty of sex in my day, there were things tackled in this program that I didn?t even know I didn?t know about!

Oh, yeah. Did I mention this program is being taught by two hot women?

The title ?2 Girls Teach Sex? isn?t just a clever name.

It?s because the program is led by adult film star Shawna ? a hot blonde ? and her friend Jennifer ? a gorgeous brunette. That?s right. Instead of your normal boring old people teaching youngsters about sex, usually using diagrams or fake graphics or something, there are two extremely hot women HAVING SEX to show you how to have sex.

Maybe I should repeat that: Two hot women, showing you hot to have sex.

And they really don?t hold anything back. This is definitely adults only material they?re both dealing with and showing to you. And, my goodness, it?s a LOT of stuff.

The program is five DVDs long (and a bonus training manual book). Here are the five titles and what they?ll show you:

1. ?Multiple Orgasm Method? ? Which is just about what it says: giving any woman multiple orgasms. Know how to do this and she?ll always come back wanting more.

2. ?Forbidden Sex Secrets? ? Where the two girls talk about sex frankly and from a woman?s perspective, giving us men the inside information that we?ve always been dying to know.

3. ?Advanced Sexual Positions? ? Which gets all Kama Sutra and shows you the strange sexual positions that you?d never even think of trying, and how to make them work for you.

4. ?Secrets of Squirting Orgasms? ? Which deals with both the myths and realities behind these nearly-mythical events in the female orgasms. Give one of these to her, and she?ll be grateful forever.

5. ?Shawna Sex Secrets? ? Where Shawna herself delves into what she likes and how to get your girl to turn into a porn star in the sack. (But, you know, hopefully not in real life.)

This is a vast amount of material, and it?ll take a long time to get through. But it?s completely worth it. I just wish I was able to learn from it before being as terrible at sex as I used to be.
Oh, if only I could go back and show them now.