Newsflash: ‘No More Free Ride Ladies…’

You know how much I love, I mean I’ve met
SO many interesting and attractive women from that
website it’s insane. (I should’ve bought stock in the
company. lol)

But lately they’ve been ‘tinkering’ with their site and

Let me explain, Women can no longer read emails
unless they’re now PAYING members of

You’re probably thinking ‘Well that stinks’

No, Not entirely… you see, we’re ALREADY paying
members — so the women are the ones who are
going to suffer.

Us guys have had to pay regardless.

In otherwards, the women who will now be using the
site I think will be more serious about meeting someone.

Why else would they pay $25 a month?

Sure it sucks because the women who weren’t paying
members will no longer be able to reply.

Short term, don’t be alarmed if you’re getting less than
normal responses from match, give them a bit to sort
out their system and let the women subscribe.

There are plenty of other websites out there so thats
never going to be an issue.

Long term, I think this move is probably a good thing
because the women on there will be more SERIOUS
about meeting someone, and then are more likely to
respond to your emails.


Can you imagine the UPPER-HAND you will have
knowing every woman has just paid money to meet
a guy like you?

Any woman you email from now on that replies is
sure to have ‘issues’ meeting guys… why else would
she pay $25 to meet them?

This is GREAT news, because unlike in bars/clubs
YOU have the upper hand from day 1!

I’ve been using this concept for weeks now and
getting great results.

I’ve been using a variation of this *Exact* email:

‘Hey, it must be pretty bad when you’ve got to
resort to paying $25 a month to meet guys…

I read your profile… now tell me whats REALLY
wrong with you?



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