Calibrating Your Pick-Ups

Here is another Derek Vitalio seduction article.

Let’s continue our look at how to calibrate, or adapt and adjust yourself accordingly, to different types of women and situations, and how to play your cards right and get what you want.

Beautiful Woman Pick-Up

You know when you see that incredibly hot number and your hands go numb? You want to say something but you can barely stand or remain cogent, let alone put together a solid sentence. And if you can do that, usually all you can think to say is My god, you are beautiful.

Big mistake. That’s about all most guys can think to say, and trust me, truly gorgeous women are tired of hearing it. Not to mention they’re insecure about their appearance (since it becomes such a large part of their identity) and you’re liable to get yourself misunderstood. Worst case, she might actually think you’re mocking her and take offense!

Instead, if you feel the need to compliment her, comment on her energy. Excuse me, but you have a great energy and I just wanted to talk to you. It seems like a minor point, but by taking the focus off of her body and into the ephemeral, you’re separating yourself from the other hundred guys who said something to her that day  and you’re NOT talking about her body (which would nominate you for the Horny Loser Guy Award of Her Mind).

Another tact is to open by eliciting her opinion about something. Again, this is good because you’re placing the focus on her MIND and THOUGHTS  an area she feels is ignored because of her hot bod.

WITHOUT EVER kissing her ass or being extra-nice (classic wuss behavior which would tell her what you’re REALLY after) show respect and interest for her inner world  and you’ll have a great shot of getting to know her outer better.

Cold Girl Pick-Up

This lady is a classic. You know her we all do. She is the Ice Queen Bitch. She shoots down everyone who approaches her if you’re lucky, it’s a simple no, and if you’re unlucky, she belittles you and mentally knocks you around a bit before letting you scamper away.

Here’s the thing though: she’s probably NOT an Ice Queen Bitch. She just plays it in pick-up situations.

Odds are good that she’s attractive, or has a charisma that draws men to her like moths to matches. And so she’s dealing with dudes coming on to her. All. The. Time. And she’s sick of it.

So rather than be polite and have to suffer through multiple when-will-this-guy-leave-me-alone moments, she gets nasty off the bat. Saves her trouble  even saves the guy time, it’s a mercy killing.

Nonetheless, you’ve got to get past that initial response to find the thawed sweet person inside. How?

Surprisingly, it isn’t that hard. First, position yourself near her  not facing her or anything, but within earshot. Wait for the next guy to make a play and get shot down.

If she says something cutting and witty, maybe chuckle a bit out loud, but to yourself. And when he goes, lean in and say something like I couldn’t help but hear that lame attempt. You must get tired of guys always hitting on you.

Sh’ll probably let out an angry sigh and agree. What’s the worst one you’ve heard today?

She’ll launch into a story, and you can start talking about silly pick-ups you’ve heard, make fun of the guys she’s dealt with and ta-da, you’ve just slid past her frosty defense.

Odds are, she’s lonely behind it, and she’ll be EXTREMELY grateful she’s found someone she can talk to. From there, you know what to do.

One-Night-Stand Pick-Up

This is not for the faint-of-heart, but it WILL work. Rhett Butler used to say he propositioned every woman he ever met that way, even if only 1% respond positively, he’d never spend the night alone.

Well, this is sort of like that. Open the girl up using any of the various techniques you’ve learned throughout this book, and then QUICKLY close with So, how would you like an orally-stimulated orgasm Most women will either slap you (if you’re drooling as you say it) or laugh (if you’ve delivered it right, but she’s not up for some casual sex just now).

BUT, a certain number of women will pause, think a moment, and then say Alright, let’s go. If you go to a club with literally hundreds of women and you say this to all of them, it WILL work eventually. You just need the guts and perseverance to find the right girl, in the right mood.

Hairdresser Pick-Up

First off and this should be obvious DON’T get your hair cut by your grand-daddy’s old war buddy. Pick a hip salon stocked with pretty young things.

Then, have a GOOD conversation. Listen, these ladies are paid to talk to you, keep you entertained while they cut your hair the more enjoyable your experience, the bigger their tips. So she WANTS to talk for the half hour it takes to get your hair done.

The key here is you need to make it feel like it ISN’T work, but is actually a conversation she enjoys. And that’s real simple don’t talk about yourself the way everyone else does (and the way she herself will prompt you), but instead get her talking about HER life. YOU prompt HER. Ask her questions  start off with stuff that’s work-related, but as soon as a nugget comes in that will let you veer off into her pe’rsonal life, grabe it.

Then, when she’s finished up, say I really enjoyed our chat, and I’d like to continue it. What time do you get off? Even if she’s not a vailable that day, if you’ve done your job right, she’ll be eager to meet you on another one.

If you want to learn more about how to calibrate to different social situations and women intelligently, check out my latest ebook, The Blueprint: A Linear Breakdown Of Seduction. It lays out, from start to finish, the entire process of seduction… from meeting a woman all the way to what you have to do to get her to your bedroom.


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