Dating Tips

Some tips on Now that I boil my experience of the last 6 months down, I’ve found the
following to be a good road map: Dating Tips

1) if you’re going to login to do a search do it in off hours, like early
in the morning orlate at nite. They have a feature where they show that you are “Logged in
Now” andthe girls have told me that’s a turnoff when they find that we are cruising
for themwhile they’re surfing for us. Doesn’t make any sense but these are women
we’re dealingwith.

2) they also have a feature that shows when you were last using the service
like ‘in thepast 24 hours, the past 3 days, etc’. I try to limit my logon time so that
it won’t appearthat I’m constantly trolling for pussy so I do my searches “offline” and
make a list ofpossibles and then go do a name search which allows you full access to
their profile.

3) I cut and paste their profile to Word and then write a witty one
paragraph responseand mail them out once a week, or when the moon’s in Libra : ))) With
persistenceI’ve gotten my hit rate up to 70-80% with a 90% close rate after meeting.
It’s justnot fair.

4) keep making changes to your profile till you get it right and solicit
feedback from thegirls. I’ve pared mine down dramatically in the last two months and made a
numberof key changes that seem to be working based on what I hear back from the

5) get them on the phone and talking as soon as possible and make the most
of it. Thefucking email thing could go on forever with some of these chicks.
Oh yeah, and when they ask for more pictures I send them a pic of my dog.

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