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Using Neil Strauss’s Cube Routine

People seem to be emailing me pretty often about “the cube.” I believe that I’ve posted this before but here it is again for those too lazy to search the archives 🙂 This is a good routine to do when you start running out of conversation.


Its an ancient Sufi science of letting somebody know their true-selves.

Answer the questions below first on a piece of paper.
Than notice how you it fits you. You can try this with others.
WARNING: If you plan to run the Cube on yourself, either DO IT NOW or dont read any further!!! Once you know the details, you might not be able to use it on

Are you sure you want this? You might learn things about yourself you never knew?

Imagine a desert.

Whats it look like? Is it a desert like Arizona? Or is it a desert like Sand Dunes in the Sahara?

Is there anything about it in particular that you see that is interesting?

In the desert, imagine a cube.

What does it look like?

What is it made of?

Where is it located in this scene?

What state is it in?

Anything else you can describe of this cube?

(Write down your answers or hers)

Now imagine a ladder.

What is it made of?

How big is it?

How many rungs does it have?

Where is it located in relation to the cube?

(Write your/her answers down.)

Imagine some flowers.

How many are they?

What kind?

Where are they located in relation to the cube and the ladder?

And now imagine a horse.

What kind of horse is it?

What color?

What size?

What is it doing?

Where in the scenery is it located, in relation to the earlier three things?

Is the horse facing the cube or away from the cube?

Can you describe it in any more detail?

Theres a storm in this landscape.

Where is it in relation to the other things in the

Which way is it proceeding?

What kind of storm is it?

Can you describe it in any more detail?

The Cube: represents the womans conception of herself.
>> The Ladder: friends (and family in some cases).
>> The Flowers: Children
>> The Horse: Her lover
>> The Storm: Troubles in life.

Take a look at your answers and see how they fit you.

Now for practice here were the answers I got from a girl when I once did a cube on her.

Her answers follow:

So imagine a desert. Whats it like? Lots of sand? Cactus

Its very flowing. All sand dunes. The sun is just setting, and theres a beautiful orange glow shimmering off the sand. So I guess its all sand, and no cactus.

(Now imagine a cube. Where is it located in this desert?)

The cube is in the middle, floating just above the dunes. Its made out of bronze. Its a tawny/goldish color. It had lots of designs etched into it. Flat edges, with swirly rounded designs decorating the middle.

(Now imagine a ladder going to the top of the cube?)

The ladder is made out of wood. it has 5 rungs.

(Now imagine some flowers near the cube?)

3 flowers. Theyre pink with 5 petals each, with a yellow center and one has 2 leaves, and 2 have 1 leaf.

(Now imagine a horse. What does it look like? Does it have a long, big, bushy tail

Is really strong like a race horse? Or more like one that has been stuck in a stable for a long while? What color is this horse? Where is it in relation to your cube?)

The horse is white with gray spots flecked on its hind end. Its rearing on its hind legs, kicking its front hooves into the air. The horse has a black silky, slender tail. Its very strong from running free in the desert. Its standing on the right side of the cube (on its hind legs).

(And finally imagine a storm. Where is this storm located? Is it nearby or far away? Is anything happening in the storm? What kind of storm?)

Its located in the back ground, off in the distance. The storm is very dark, with huge streaks of lightening.

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