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An Interesting Way to Approach Clerks


Below is from a newsletter I got from Ross Jeffries of Speed Seduction, this is actually something one of his students sent him, but it is interesting for all those looking for new ways to approach girls.

Hitting on Clerks at Stores by Ross Jeffries

Recently I got an email from a student who told me he had not talked to or approached women in years, but after getting his Speed Seduction Home Study Course


he was motivated to finally “get off the couch”!

This clever guy actually came up with his own pretty good
“icebreakers” to start meeting women. So if you are still sitting on your ass, making excuses, read on to see what this clever guy came up with:

“I have been paying attention to your newsletters and noticed that there have been a lot of requests for “ice breakers”. I do not know if these are useful but listed below are some of the “ice beakers” I used if I found the woman I wanted to contact was exceptional.

1) (Browse the store where the woman may be working-this works well with clerks. Come back in, a few minutes later and stand near her until she asks)

her: “May I help you”

me: “Yes, I was in here earlier and there was a lovely young lady wearing (whatever she is wearing) and had a positively wonderful smile (she will smile here) and I just had to come back in and introduce myself, Hi my name is _________”

her: “wow”

Ross, 5 clerks were approached with this ice breaker, my success rate was 100% for names.

3 clerks or 60% responded with “wow”

1 clerk just stood their and smiled

1 clerk responded with “oh my….. but… but I have a boyfriend” (no I did not go into the boyfriend destroyer, remember I am at stage 1 of my reprogramming)

2) If after saying “Hi” and you run into the same woman again these work well as short comic relief lines:

a) “Hello again, we have to stop meeting like this”

b) “If we meet again it’s a state law that you have to tell me your name”

c) “You know, if you wanted to dance….. all you have to do is ask”

Ross, 6 walks up were contacted again using the above lines. Response was 100% that there was a smile and even a good laugh. Usually after the laugh I followed with, “Hi, my name is ________”

3) Another good line for clerks and sets the mood with a touch of humor. Use this in clothing stores or any NON-food store:

her: “Hi, may I help you?”

me: “Yes, can you tell me where the bratwurst are?”


After making a purchase

her: “Did you find everything, ok?”

me: “No, can you tell me where the bratwurst are?”

Please note, that here in Wisconsin bratwurst is practically the state food. So use your food of choice. 3 clerks were approached using this method and the conversation lasted for a good 5 or 10 minutes with each. Did I pursue any of these clerks further? Again the answer is no, I am still in the initiate stage

For a whole book on ways to approach females click here!

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