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Here is a post I found on Fast Seduction. Phone game is something that I struggled with for awhile and this post is a brief outline of what your goals should be in each phone interaction.

How to deal with Getting Girls Phone Numbers

Goal 1: (Same Night) Get her comfortable with you as a guy who contacts her ASAP

How: As soon as you get her number call it immediately (now she has your #) and joke that you want to hear if she has a cool VM message.
Tease her and leave a message using the snobby comic book store guys voice from The Simpsons. Worst. Message  Ever.

Do a takeaway and text her from across the bar. Stop staring at me or Come save me  work good. Especially if you are in another set when she comes to look for you.

After you guys split up send her a goodnight text. Keep it simple. Had a good time or for you C&F types “Don’t worry…got home safe”

Goal 2: (Next Day) Get her in the habit of responding to your communications as opposed to ignoring them

Why: It’s all downhill if your timebridge game starts with her ignoring you. Yes, some guys can turn it around, but lets be honest, most give up. This sets the frame this guy is someone I avoid.

I can’t stress this enough…having her respond to your first attempt to contact her after the initial meet is key!

How: Leave an Open Loop message. (Text, VM, or Email).

OMG, you are so busted! is an old favorite and has a high response rate.

Curiosity will get the best of her and she will need to know why.

Goal 3: (3-5 days) Get a Day2 by giving her an opportunity to tag along.

How: Call her up and talk about all the fun stuff you are doing. She should take the bait. If you’ve never heard a girl say in a whiny voice I Wanna Go  you arent doing it right. Repeat until she bites.

IME, numbers stale in a week if not sooner. Work em’ hard & fast.

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