Women Give Away All Their Secrets

Women give awa all their secrets of seductionBelow is a good newsletter I recieved from Pickup Arts. This is all about the little signs that women will give you to let you know that she is testing what kind of man you are.

Women’s Secrets by Jay Valens

It’s an arms race.

There are no enemies in THIS “war” but one side is always trying to
get an edge over the other.

Lucky for you the other side is always giving away their secrets.

What’s even better is the very things they give away about
themselves can be turned around and used by YOU just as effectively.

You’ll have to understand what women do and why they do it. In a
sense we are not trying to figure out women themselves — who can
fathom what truly makes up a woman? Instead, what we are doing is
DECODING their actions and the purpose behind those actions,
understand such things, and then put them to use amongst our other

I’ve talked before about observing but we also need to apply some
understanding to what we observe.

If a woman throws a landmine in front of you to step on, she does
it for a purpose. You’ll either step on it, run away, or go around
it (effectively or not), and this tells her a lot about you (the
REAL you and not the front many men put up). That’s what MOST men
do: trip, run, or get around. Actually, most men either step on
the landmine or run away, and a few know how to go around it based
on experience. Typically, the men capable of noticing the
landmines and effectively working around them are more appealing to
women, as it shows a familiarity that cues “this is a guy who
understands women”.

But do you want to know a way that’s even better than stepping
around her challenges and tests?

Turning them around on her. Using her own tricks.

This works so well because it not only displays a man who has
familiarity with women (which equates to having regular access to
lots of women, which equates to “attractive man”) but also, just as
important, that he knows what’s really going on in ways most men

So… what are some things a woman might do which you can observe,
learn from, and utilize for yourself?

1. She tells indirect stories about
herself (in the context of people
she knows or things she has heard
about), watching for your reaction
(which she can discern to be more
honest since she can’t necessarily
believe a man isn’t just catering
to her to get in her pants).

2. Saying she will do something or be
somewhere, then not following

3. You suggest to do something and
she doesn’t agree or disagree but
suggests you ask her again at a
later time

4. Canceling plans last minute

5. Not giving the kind of answer you
want on simple requests

6. Accuses you of something out of
context for the situation

7. Seeing if you will jump when she
says jump

8. Introduces subtle drama or makes
absurd requests

9. Ask you questions that are subtle
screeners for “quality”

You can learn even more simply by OBSERVING. In fact the best way
you can learn to know what to pay attention to when observing is to
notice the times a woman says something to you or acts a certain
way around you which causes you to hesitate with that “What should
I do now?” or “How do I react to this?” feeling.

If you’re inexperienced, you may not know at THAT time how to react
but, with enough practice, you will. And with that comes an
understanding of what is really going on so that you can capitalize
on it for yourself.

Why does this work? Because it will trigger a pattern recognition
in her thought process allowing her to recognize those patterns of
tests as things SHE does.

She perceives herself always to be the one pursued by men therefore
if she sees that same pattern from a man, she will presume he is
one who is pursued and must test in the same way. Meaning, a man
who is pursued SO MUCH that he has to put filters in place to weed
out the bad to find the good.

Another good reason for reversing these things on women is it puts
you in the driver’s seat at the same time as trumping women’s own
game or attempts at manipulation or aggravating “screening” process.

The typical methodology espoused by others (you’ve probably seen it
in “pickup advice” from others) is reactive, in other words “If a
woman says this, then do that” or “If a woman does this, then react
this way.”

But what *I* am saying is “when a woman does X Y or Z, PAY
ATTENTION to that, learn from it, understand why they do it and… go
ahead and react the best way you’ve learned how to but… the very
next time you’ll have an understanding of a powerful secret method
– *WOMEN’S* method used to YOUR advantage.”

The secrets are out there, practically hitting you over the head:

Jay Valens

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