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Be Calm, Unaffected, and In Control

Here is a good quick newsletter from the guys at Pickup Arts. I like the simplicity of the message and agree with it 100 percent.

Be In Control with Women by Jay Valens

Throughout your journey to become better with women, you need to
adapt the mannerisms of men who are successful with women. The
problem is that often you might not know exactly what these
mannerisms are.

A great way to get around this problem is to adapt the mannerisms
of men who are known to be successful with women. These can be men
you know personally who are successful with women, but also can be
actors who act in roles where they attract women.

This might not seem like a good idea at first because people always
like to say “things are different in Hollywood”, but the fact is
that Hollywood dictates a lot of the way most people see the world
especially when it comes to determining what is attractive. And if
women are affected by Hollywood in this way (and they are) then you
can bet that you are on the right track if you act like these
leading men.

In case nobody comes to mind immediately, I have a few personal
favorites to give you. Just about any of the actors who played
James Bond are great, with Sean Connery topping the list. Whereas
most men his age only bring the image of a grandfather to mind,
many women still consider him to be extremely sexy.

George Clooney is another somewhat older guy who still manages to
make women melt. Brad Pitt may seem to be a no brainer choice also
because of his great looks, but pair him with Clooney in the
Ocean’s 11 movies and you have a template for how to act in order
to turn on women. Or if you want a guy who breaks the good looking
guy stereotype, check out “The Tao of Steve”.

You might be wondering what it is exactly about these guys that
women find so appealing. After a lot of thought about this myself,
I think that 4 words from “The Art of the Pickup” DVDs sum it up
really well.



In Control.

At any given time you see these guys on the silver screen, they are
portraying these three characteristics. When was the last time you
saw James Bond lose his calm and freak out? Or George Clooney get
affected by a woman testing him? Or Brad Pitt losing his control
with a woman? You get the point.

To think of the opposite behavior, all you need to do is go to your
local bar and watch guys get blown out with women when they
approach them. The guys who wind up blurting out things like “you
are such a bitch!” after getting rejected are showing the kind of
behavior you want to avoid at all costs.

But instead by maintaining these three characteristics at all times
with women, you are saying so much on a non-verbal level. You are
telling them that you are someone who can be a constant force in
their lives. That your life is that way you want it to be so other
people can’t ruffle your feathers.

And if your life is the way you want it to be then it is probably
something other people would like to be part of. You are saying
that you have had many experiences with women and their attempts to
catch you off balance so it doesn’t work on you. Which further
says that you must have a lot going for you if so many women have
tried to test you.

The list can go on and on, but the silent non-verbal messages of
being constantly calm, unaffected, and in control say all the right
things that you want a woman to know.

You can watch your favorite actors on your own at any time, but if
you are ready to get a video breakdown that explains it all in more
detail, be sure to click below and calmly grab yourself a copy of
“The Art of the Pickup” DVDs.

Ray Devans

To learn more from The Art of the Pickup grab their free “4 Secret Questions” report.  It is a devastating routine that always gets the girl intrigued by you.


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