Long Term vs Short Term Relationships

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Long and Short Term Relationships by Badboy

When it comes to ongoing relationships, there are many options you can go for. Most guys who are good with girls go for seeing several girls, once or twice a week each. This leaves some free nights for finding other girls and for other hobbies. If you decide to do this, the strategy is simple. Once you sleep a girl several times, you can say you have a relationship. Whether you choose to inform her that you are seeing other girls is up to you. In my opinion, its easier to just tell her if she asks. If you are a solid player, she will be okay with it. Then, you see her once or twice a week and you keep her in your life by having great sex with her and making your time together interesting. You can maintain this for a long time if you dont over or under commit to her. See her enough to satisfy her and keep the flame alive, but dont see her so much that starts to assume she is your one and only. If you set the precedent of once or twice a week, you should be able to maintain it and avoid having her take over your life. Most girls will hover in this middle ground for a while as long as you keep her satisfied physically and emotionally. Its a safe, efficient long term strategy.

But one of my good friends does things differently. He likes very intense, short term relationships with his women. What he does is as soon as he sleeps with a girl, she becomes center of his lifebut only for couple of days. When he meets her, he dates her, makes love with her, then sweeps her off her feet and sees her every day after that… for a while. Basically he spends a very intense, commited 3-4 days with her and then he disappears from her life. Its a fling. Girls come to understand this and can enjoy it as much as a man. Its good because the relationship ends at its peak, so there are no negative emotions. The woman always remembers you as a big adventure she had. He communicates to them in very beginning that a long-term relationship is not possible, non-verbally by his behavior. They know they are getting into a whirlwind romance with a seducer and they love it.

If you want to do this, once you sleep with her, let her stay overnight, or see her the next day for dinner (sometimes they feel slutty for sleeping with you so you need to take her on a date to ease it.) Then ignite the passion again, make it very physical and take her home again and show her some *sexy time*. Do it for couple of days, then find a new girl and move on. Living this lifestyle is more like a having a series of short monogamous relationships without all the hassles.


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