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5 Quick Fashion Tips to Make You More Attractive

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5 Male Fashion Tips to Become More Attractive


Attraction is created by having all of the following traits:

Value: Something fills a conscious or subconscious need for a person

Attainability: Have a chance to get that value

Compliance: Put work and investment into reaching the value

For getting women,

Value: Traits that are universally valuable, or valuable specifically to the woman.

Attainability: Compatibility, Respect, and Legitimacy

Compliance: Work or effort put into the interaction, to impress or please you, to handle logistics, or accepting something she doesn’t necessarily like.

Fashion time!

What’s wearing a bunch of gold chains do (assuming they’re not tacky)?

Think about it –

What’s it do to value? What’s it do to attainability? Compliance?


Wearing a bunch of gold chains shows you’re indifferent to arbitrary social pressure, confident, and bold. At the same time, it shows a nonchalance and playerish attitude.

It would make you more valuable, but make the woman wonder if you’re the real deal.


1. Coordination: Do your items match? The easiest to match are your belt, shoes, and watch. Matching those three will make you look like you know what you’re doing aesthetically, and make you look sharper.

2. Good Fit: Regardless of your body type, you want to wear your clothes *tight* – if you’re a skinnier guy, you’ll “swim” in excess material. This can be especially tough for my American gentlemen, since American clothes are cut large around the middle. Vincent – a relatively skinny guy – recommends H&M on the low end and Hugo Boss on the high end for a good fit if you’re on the skinny side. If you’re a bit heavier like me, excess material makes you look f-a-t.

Go tight, even though it’s counterintuitive, and it’ll actually thin you out and make you look stronger. For what it’s worth, I’m around 6’0 and 165 lbs and I wear x-smalls sometimes in American sizes. Actually, don’t think “tight” – think “sleek”. Then kill the excess material.

3. Functional Accessories: You get +V from wearing cool accessories that set you apart. The thing is, if you wear immense amounts of rings, bracelets, and necklaces, it can make you seem unattainable to women. She’ll ask, “Could a girl like me get a guy like him?” and not be sure of the answer. If she reckons, “No, he’s out of my league” then – whirr, you’re done.

But you can get all the bonus to value without losing any attainability points by sharpening way up in what we call the “functional accessories” – these are the items that people are expected to wear. These are what you want to snazz up. Look for especially cool socks, with perhaps an argyle pattern or in baby blue. Belt, watch, and scarves are also functional accessories. Winter hats and gloves, too. Points for matching scarves and hats if you can.


4. Color: If all of your wardrobe are “guy colors” – black, blue, grey, and brown – start looking for a wider range of colors. Many men aren’t aware that purple is an extremely masculine color – it’s represented nobility in the West for centuries now. Most guys look very good in a light blue as well. If you go a little softer on the colors, it’ll make you stand out as well as seem more friendly and approachable.

5 Contrast: Contrast is excellent because if opens up doors for you. I strongly recommend really “manly men” types that are into contact sports, pushing iron, and raising some hell create a contrast by softening the look up. No more than three years ago, my casual wardrobe was all construction boots, jeans, sneakers, and jerseys.

The thing is – the kind of women that like manly men will still like you damn well if you’re wearing a nice wool or silk scarf. On the flipside, guys that are sensitive and gentle can often do very well when wearing a sharp power suit or hardening their look up with a leather jacket. Women that are naturally in tune with your personality type will still dig you after just a couple moments of interaction, and women that are attracted to the opposite will become intrigued and it becomes easier to get in and get a window of opportunity. There’s something to be said for repping one solid theme throughout every single thing you do, but if you’re looking for things to play with – pick up some clothes that contrast your natural personality, just for fun.

One of the newest theApproach Alumni from last weekend’s Los Angeles program said it really well: “I don’t buy things that match my style. I buy things that I want to try out and see if I like.” Makes sense to me – you’re not marrying your clothes, fella! Mix it up a little, and keep playin’,


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