Baiting Women

Another installment of Stephen Nash’s Master class. A great course and I look forward to reading his ebook- How to get a girlfriend.

Baiting Girls by Stephen Nash

I sort of discovered this skill by observing naturals in action. I
noticed that they never really ask questions (unless they want to)
and have what is often referred to as “the gift of gab”. What they
do is quite simply TALK – they are telling someone, indirectly, who
they are. They don’t, for example, haul out their resume and list
all of the cool things they have done. Rather, they indicate them
via their stories, comments and replies.

Baiting can be defined best by an example. Take a close look at the
following dialogue and see if you can understand where I am baiting
the woman.

ME: (touching her sweater) mmm… cashmere… love a warm sweater.
Growing up in the mountains, I always had such warm clothes for the
wintertime. Whenever I wear one now, it reminds me of my youth.

HER: The mountains? Where did you grow up?

ME: Oh, the mountains of North Carolina. I lived there through high
school. Growing up in a small town, and particularly when you
mother has a central position in the community, you learn a lot
about everything – government, the arts, personalities, scandal,
commerce – you name it. Small town life makes people very

HER: What did your mother do?

ME: She published the local newspaper. So, we learned about
everything first, then communicated it to the community in print.
We had some wild experiences in that place! Obviously, though, I
left, and ended up focusing on a career in school – which helped me
get to where I am today.

HER: Where did you go to school? What are you doing now?

OK, so I could go on forever with this scenario. Baiting is when
you demonstrate your personality, inviting a question from her to
you. So, you do not want to reveal an ENTIRE fact about your life.
What you want to do is to HINT at it, thus, baiting a question from
her. This helps guys get out of the traditional pattern of asking
tons of questions of her, and gets her asking questions of you.
This is a much more powerful dynamic that gets her chasing you.

As I mentioned, the basic rule of thumb is to bait her until she is
asking you questions. THEN, feel free to ask questions of her.

Also, it is very important that you demonstrate your interest in
her by asking questions and complimenting her. This should be done
in the “connect” phase. It is critical that you let her know that
you find her interesting, and worth getting to know further. But,
only do this when she has indicated an interest in you by asking
questions of you. When she does this, you know she is hooked. Why
else would she ask you a question?

By baiting her, she is the one to shift the dynamic into the
“getting to know you” stage of an interaction, rather than you. It
is an essential skill to hooking her into the conversation. This
technique empowers you out of the traditional question asking
scenario, and into the more interesting dynamic of you leading by
demonstrating your personality. You come across as more powerful,
and less needy. Naturals do this all the time…

This is a VERY hard skill to master.

I have really just touched the surface of it here. I cover it a
lot in my private work with guys, and in my product line. What you’ll
want to learn over time is how to reveal the right things at the
right time. But that takes experience.

I challenge each of you to get out into the world, and TRY this
skill of baiting with the people you naturally meet. The next
woman you are introduced to, try simply indicating who you are via
this social skill. You never want to directly brag to anyone about
anything, but you can indicate things subtly which can then pique
someone’s interest… this is the best way to build fascination
and intrigue in my experience.

Good luck to you with baiting, I think I’ll give you a few extra days
to really get your head around this principle. Re-read this email a few
times, and PRACTICE with everyone.

In four days, expect The Master Class Series: Connecting.

Connecting is all about forming an emotional synergy with a woman.
This stuff is dynamic for sexual tension and attraction. Connecting
is the skill MOST ‘pickup artists’ are missing from their game.

Don’t miss it!

Your friend,

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