An Insider’s Glimpse into Refining the Approach

Sebastian, of Master the Vibe, gives a glimpse into the approach.

Better Approaching Women by Sebastian Drake

A lot of men are afraid of being judged. This can really hold
people back: The key is to remember that high value people don’t
worry about people judging them: They work on themselves and are
proud of who they are, then they hold other people to their
standards. Simple by holding others (especially women) to your
standards will make you seem like a high-value, high status

Today I thought I’d give you an insider’s look into how we refine
what we’re about at theApproach. The following is from an email
dialouge with one of our hotshot, up-and-coming instructors – the
piece is taken from a conversation on putting new drills in place,
and refining the day one curriculum so that – you guessed it – our
students can see their value and what they have to offer while out
in the field… and aren’t afraid of being judged. Enjoy:

“Day 1: Value

The way the curriculum is laid out is to reinforce the value they
inherently have. I want students to go the first night in-field
NEVER doubting that they have something to offer to people. No
fear of being judged. I want them to feel confident in going out,
feeling empowered/transformed in knowing that approaching is not
hard… and they can do it. Inner game. Understanding their own
value needs to be ingrained in them to minimize or completely
eradicate approach anxiety before we even hit the field. Any AA
should stem from slight performance nervousness, not from fearing
being judged. That way, they can focus on a productive focus –
charging the venue, making connections, holding people to their

This is why I give them time to list six values. After I explain
how the six values they wrote down fall either under universal vs
specific value (and how that affects attraction), I ask them to
tell us one story of something they are proud of. Listening to
each others’ stories also makes them realize how EVERYONE has some
inherent value. The question becomes: have they given a glimpse of
that value to the woman they meet?”

Low status men typically worry about being judged – “Am I good
enough?” High status men know they’re high status, and instead look
to see if other people meet their standards – and when they do,
they reward them by opening up and sharing some things from their
own life. If you’ve got 10 minutes, reflect on what you’re proud of
accomplishing. Don’t talk about those experiences to impress people
– realize you’re high status, and open up as a reward when you meet
women that are up to your standards. Keep playin’,


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