Day Game vs. Night Game

I couldn’t agree with this Bad Boy Post on Day Game more. If you really want to be successful with women you need to amp up your ability to pick up girls outside of the bar club environment. Check out Badboy’s ebook. – Bobby

Day Game by Badboy

When I started going out sarging, my biggest dream was to be able to pull the hottest girls from the club home. For years, my game was focused on the club environment. I learned millions of dirty little tricks to thrive in such a tough environment; dealing with boyfriends, bitch shields, bouncers, bartenders, DJs, loud music, drunk friends, distractions, etc. Taking all the things that normally work against you and making them work FOR you. Its like a war. You against them. After years, I became good Really good.

Then, one day, I met a guy who was very good at Day Game. He showed me a few things and suddenly, I was surprised how good I was in the daytime; at how Day Game is actually easier. For years I was fighting against a huge beast — the clubs with all their complications; loud music, social hierarchies, how to get in free, how to isolate girls from obstacles, drag aways, etcI realized that by going to nightclubs, I was choosing the more difficult fight.

When I stepped onto the street, I felt like someone took 60 kilos off my back. No boyfriends, no drunk friends, no music, stupid DJs, bouncers, alcohol, smoke, noise. NO DISTRACTIONS. After I saw the difference, there was no way I would go mainly to clubs to try and pick up girls anymore — when that same girl is going to be walking down the street sooner or later, and I can get her with 80% less effort.

Despite social misinformation to the contrary, the club environment is usually designed in a way that you have a minimal chance of picking up a girl there. It is essentially designed so that you can't achieve any value; at least not without maximal effort and a little luck. Loud music, way too many people, groups of girls protecting each other all play AGAINST you. Despite their reputation as the best pickup spots, they are really the worst.

If you want to sarge at night, you are WAY better off sticking to mellower lounges and bars where you can have a conversation with less noise and distractions and create value for yourself easily.

Even better, I suggest that you to get good at Day Game, where there are practically no distractions and you can execute your skills to the fullest. You will really be surprised how easy it is. For some reason (societal programming) every guy on this planet has a fantasy about picking up girls in clubs. And it is totally possibleI've done it tons and tons of times, but it is not the ideal environment regardless of what societal norms try to tell us. Because, in many ways, clubs are the most inefficient place to meet girls in terms of energy output vs. results. Day game and quieter venues get better results with less energy expended.

Just telling you like it is. Hope this helps you reframe your perspective on where and how to sarge and opens your eyes to new possibilities.



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