How Telling a Story Can Get You Sex

I’m always a fan on any new info that pushes storytelling. It is a skill you need to master.- Bobby

Storytelling PUA by Ray Devans

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just open your mouth, tell a girl

a good story, and then turn her on so much that she wants to have

sex with you?

Well, I have good news, it actually is possible!

One of my favorite quotes is from Voltaire who said:

“Give me but 5 minutes to talk away my ugly face and I will bed the

Queen of France!”.

There was a man who knew the power of storytelling! But he wasn’t

the only man to realize this simple fact.

I remember back in college I knew a guy in my college fraternity

who would tell the most interesting stories.

If we were in a party setting, he might start telling his story to

just a few people, but inevitably by the time he ended his story,

other people nearby would have stopped their conversations in order

to listen to him.

He was an average looking guy, and didn’t dress very well (he

usually looked like a white version of MC Hammer), but he had much

more success with women than most of the guys in our fraternity.

I spent all of my college years wondering what made him so popular

with women, and only years later I realized it was his ability to

tell really interesting, compelling stories.

There are many levels on which telling good stories will make you

irresistible to women. Lets look at some of these:

1. Center of attention – a good story teller can make himself

the center of attention in almost any social setting. If people

are gathered around you listening to you, other people who are out

of earshot will see you as a leader and someone they want to meet.

2. Good feelings linked to you – if you tell a good story that

makes a woman laugh or just generally feel good, she automatically

associates those feelings with you.

3. Excuse to talk about sex – combine good story telling with

sexual themes, and you can get a woman thinking about sex

indirectly. The friend I mentioned above used to tell a story

about how he woke naked in a sorority house with lipstick marks on

his neck after a night of drinking. He had to grab a roll of

toilet paper to cover his private parts so he could walk back home.

Women absolutely loved this story, but it allowed him to hint that

he had maybe had sex in a sorority house, and forced the women to

imagine him naked. Done properly, this can work wonders with


4. Chance to attract her without bragging – imagine what would

happen if you told a girl “I have a nice car, my friends are cool

and we do fun things, and I have had a girlfriend who was a model.”

She would be immediately turned off. But if these things are

true, then you must have at least one or two stories that you can

tell that introduce them as assumed facts, but in an indirect and

entertaining way that might even seem humble if you do it right.

If you are not yet a good storyteller, don’t worry, it can be

learned. The first step is just to write down a number of cool

stories that you already know, and make them more interesting. If

you don’t have any, then start from scratch.

Then practice telling them in front of a mirror or better yet

record yourself on video. Then once you feel it’s perfect, start

telling it just to your guy friends, then move on to telling it to

mixed groups of people.

When you get good at telling single stories, then you can learn to

leave one story unfinished and start another, only to leave that

one unfinished and go back to the original story. This technique

is devastating and keeps listeners literally on the edge of their


Some tips to remember for good story telling are:

– Smile

– Use a lot of hand gestures and body language

– Speak loudly and project your voice, especially in a loud social


– Add pauses for dramatic effect

There is plenty more that you can find out about story telling

through online resources and books. Combined with the information

in our newsletters and our “Art of the Pickup” DVDs, you will be

unstoppable with women when you master the art of storytelling!

…The End

Ray Devans

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