The JEDI Force Of A Small Fuzzy Teddy


Its always to good to read examples of creative thinking. Thats why I posted this latest edition of Pickup Arts. A great example of using props and thinking on your feet. – Bobby

 Prop Use for Seduction by Jay Devans

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference.

I’m going to share a story with you not to describe a specific
thing you should do, but as an example how thinking creatively on
your feet can be vastly more practical to accomplishing a goal than
trying to plan every step or every angle of logictics before being
able to move forward.

One day I was hanging with a good buddy of mine and we were in a
bookstore when we spotted two somewhat friendly looking girls.
They looked like tourists. We talked to them and engaged them
enough that they were OK to walk through the mall with us. After a
while, my friend suggested to them that we all get “tea” somewhere
and I engaged the idea of stopping by my place which happened to be
right by the mall. I will not bore you with the details of the
pickup, it’s the kind of stuff you’ll learn about on our DVDs,
needless to say we all ended up at the entrance to my building
after a short time.

I went up presuming they would come up.

They didn’t & my friend came up soon (without them) to tell me they
girls were hesitating and thinking we would come down. Normally
more comfort would have been built but the pickup was so fast that
there was no time and I had to think fast or these girls would
never come upstairs.

So I looked around my place for a prop. I saw a small (I mean
tiny) teddy bear I don’t remember where I got, maybe a girl gave it
to me a long time ago, I don’t remember. Perfect. I told my
friend to take it down to the girls and joke about how funny it is
for me to have such a childish cute thing in my place, leave it in
one of their hands, then come back upstairs. Then we would wait.
While waiting, I started to actually make tea. Not more than a
couple minutes later, the girls came upstairs because they felt the
pressure of needing to give me back the small teddy bear. Before
they walked in my door, I told them I have a rule: “No shoes in my
apartment.” They complied and came in. Mission accomplished.

I should note the girls were Asian, specifically Japanese, and from
my past experiences I knew “cute” things like that would
statistically provide me with a certain expected response. Also,
the social pressure of returning a belonging to its owner would
also be there. I didn’t plan all this out ahead of time, I
conceived of it on-the-fly.

I hope you learned something valuable in this funny little story!

If not, well, READ IT AGAIN! 🙂

Wielder of the dark teddy force,


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