Top 10 Things You Never Knew About Project Hollywood

Steven Nash sent me this… Thought I would post it for all of you!

Style (Neil Strauss) was in New York to promote his book “The Game”.

He asked me to say a few words about Project Hollywood. Unfortunately,

I did not have enough time to get to my Top 10 list (below). But, I did

save it and I think it’s pretty funny even if slightly dated.So, here we go from 10 to 1…

10) Mystery, the great peacocker, owns a pair of white New Balance
tennis shoes;

9) Style is learning guitar. The only problem is, he likes to sing
when he plays;

8) Mystery is meticulously clean, except for the doors he kicks off
their hinges;

7) Calling Playboy’s room the Maid’s quarters is a bit of an
overstatement – it was the clothes folding room at best;

6) Courtney Love is totally nuts when she is stoned;

5) Q: What of Tyler Durden’s was slightly larger than that of

A: His closet

4) RSD guys, except Playboy, don’t wash their dishes;

3) Herbal has horrible taste in carpets, but has a very nice car;

2) Papa is a terrible driver, and has a very ugly car;

1) The Two and The Three were two of the greatest PUAs of all time
– second and third, to “The One” and only Style…

Forgive the tiny homage to Style at the end, but it was his event.
Ultimately, I’d bet on Mystery, but I haven’t been in their world
for some time now.

Hope you got a laugh out of this…


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