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Secrets of Inner Game by Jay Valens

I want you to consider something you may not have before.

Society presents us with contradictions to biology. Much of the
advice we give you in these newsletters centers on social “norms”
(even if they don’t seem normal) and how to understand them and
capitalize to your advantage.

However, no matter what social norms exist, ultimately the more
powerful factor which controls what happens between 2 people is
their BIOLOGY as long as social norms can be effectively

We don’t have to replace your limbs, eyes, or other body parts to
help you maximize your biological potential, we can make you the
bionic man by providing you with knowledge and know-how on how to
bypass the limits society currently tries to impose on you.

Here are a few things which influence the way people think separate
from society and upbringing:

PHYSIOLOGY – the physical “makeup” of a person

HOW THE BRAIN WORKS – the way the human brain functions

GENETICS – the role of our “design” and how it influences decisions

EVOLUTION – the biological “history” of what makes us what we are

All those things are very powerful in determining any particular
person’s decision-making process but societal programming,
upbringing, and peer influences are often much more of a powerful

However, biology CAN trump societal influences but you must
understand how to do this. Once the biology angle is triggered
with a woman, her behavior will override her societal conditioning.

You’ve got many many tools to pick and choose from to trigger the
biological affect:

Trigger 1: Touching

Trigger 2: Visualization (having her imagine a process/situation)

Trigger 3: Short-circuit cues – address conditioning in the most
short-cut way possible. (more on this below)

Trigger 4: Act as if

Trigger 5: Timing, logistics (you can get society out of the way by
planning ahead)

Trigger 6: Her physical cues (watching for & capitalizing on her
body language cues)

Trigger 7: Improving your physicality. Look, don’t be incomplete;
improve every corner, but first & foremost if you’re not in the
gym then start going.

Trigger 8: Other senses (sight, smell, taste)

Short-circuit cues are those which humans have been programmed with
after many years of evolution. We don’t have time to process every
tiny detail of every situation presented to us so our brain makes
use of “short cuts”.

When you learn a lot of these short-cuts, you can “cue” certain
positive characteristics about yourself, even if you don’t truly
have them. For example, you don’t have to spend hours proving to a
women you are a patient and calm person if you can simply relay it
by small actions which “cue” that characteristic.

If your success with women is not where you want it, think about
the last few times you interacted with woman you were interested in
and ask yourself how many of the 8 triggers above you made use of.
Of guys only having mediocre success, I would guess only 2 or 3 of
these triggers are being used, if even that! These are like the 8
cylinders of a car – you’ve got to run on all 8!

Attraction is not intellectual.

Society constructs an intellectual way for people to meet, have
sex, fall in love, but it is all so convoluted that only an
extremely small subset of men can ever hope to easily live within
it, leaving most men in a constant struggle.

By adding the BIO angle, you are going to jump ahead and more
predictably, better than other men. You can become the BIOnic man.

You can bypass the convoluted construct by focusing on the sorts of
things we cover in these newsletters and our DVDs and also by
triggering the biological angles.

Your own personal Oscar Goldman,

Jay Valens

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