Touching Technique of the Gods

Sticking with yesterday’s theme of kino and body language I thought that I would post this newsletter from Jay of the Pickup Arts.

Perfect Kino by Jay Valens

As some of you may know, I spent some time living in Tokyo, Japan.
This is where I learned a lot of what I know about women because it
is such a huge city with so many opportunities for meeting women.

Today I want to share something that I developed during my time

Now you might be thinking, “but Ray, those are Japanese women, they
are different from US women”.

Well, that is true in many respects, but this particular technique
isn’t verbal, you don’t have to speak Japanese for it to work.

Instead, it has to do with touching a woman. The effects of
touching a woman are pretty much universal, and I have used this
technique on women from many cultures with great effect.

Touch is an indispensable part of being successful with women. If
you think about it – it is clear that if you never touch them, you
can never get sexual with them by definition.

A man who is good with women knows how to touch a woman in
gradually increasing levels of intimacy, with the proper timing so
that it is guaranteed to feel natural and will be accepted by the
woman. How and when to touch can be one of the most important
things you ever learn when it comes to women.

This is something that is best learned by seeing and doing. That
is why on the “Art of the Pickup” DVDs you will see countless
examples of how and when to touch women, along with explanations.

For this touching technique I will be talking about below to work
best, I am assuming you have some knowledge and experience with how
to touch a woman properly.

I gave the technique the name “KAMI”. Kami means “god” in
Japanese, and I gave it this name because it can be so powerful it
seems like the gods blessed you with a special ability to lead
women. The other reason I called it “KAMI” is that it is actually
also an acronym for “Kinasthetic Anchored Motion Inducement”.

I will spare you the details of what all those technical sounding
terms means here, but suffice it to say that although the nerd side
of me shows through pretty clearly in coming up with a name like
that, hopefully that gives all my fellow nerds out there the hope
that you too can become very successful with women!

Anyway, the idea behind KAMI is as follows. First, throughout your
first meeting or meetings with a woman, you touch her on the hand
or just behind her elbow whenever she is laughing at something you
said or when she clearly feeling good.

The more you do this, the more your touch alone can bring about
these same feelings. It’s sort of similar to conditioned responses
for those of you familiar with psychology.

Now, the better you get at making your touch pleasurable, the more
powerful this technique, but it doesn’t rely totally on that so you
can still do well even if you only know the following parts.

Now think back to when you were a child. Your parents called your
name and used to lead you around by the hand, and you automatically
followed. Well, it turns out that all of us have this pattern
still built into us, and under the right circumstances we will
repeat it even as adults when someone pulls us by the hand,
fingers, back of our elbows, etc.

In the past I have talked about how important it is to lead women,
and this touching technique can be one aspect of that.

For example, let’s say you have just met a woman in a club, and
after talking to her long enough to establish attraction and some
level of comfort you want to move her to a quiet area where you can
be alone to talk more privately. If you simply say “lets go
somewhere more quiet” she likely will if you have done things
correctly, but there still is the chance that her logical brain
could kick in and worry about her friends, etc. and she might
decide not to.

However, if at the same time you say “let’s go somewhere more
quiet” you also touch her with KAMI behind the elbow or on the hand
and gently nudge or pull her in the direction you want to go, then
she is much more likely to go.

She will have the good feeling of your touch to guide her, and her
pattern of being led by a confident hand will kick in. This sets
all the proper things in motion and her critical mind is less
likely to worry about her friends or other mundane concerns.

This can of course be used in any number of situations where you
are going to change venues with a woman, or you want to lead your
relationship to the next level.

As I said above, touch is one of the most powerful things you must
learn. The problem is that if you do it wrong and with hesitation
or at the wrong time, it can be worse than not touching at all.

So to some extent I will say that KAMI is an advanced tactic. If
you don’t feel you are good at touching women then you need to get
good with that first. A great place to learn that is with our “Art
of the Pickup” DVDs.

If you are already used to interacting with women and touching them
casually during conversation without them pulling back, etc., then
KAMI can help you be much better at leading women, starting today.

So, to steal from an old telephone company slogan, “reach out and
touch someone”,

Ray Devans

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