Making a Spread Sheet to Track Success

The post below contains a good idea for creating a spreadsheet to track your seduction success.

Track Success by Jay Valens

Don’t laugh tony, but I have a friend who loves to track a lot

of the things he does in spreadsheets. He even tracks the level of

success he has when doing (or not doing) certain things with women.

It may seem like a weird, nerdy thing to do but sometimes it really

does the trick to help separate your feelings about something and

what might actually be a more productive behavior. And in order to

get enough information for a meaningful statistic, it requires

regular activity in doing those things.

For example, this friend of mine kept track of all the times he

paid for dinner for on a first “date” (or however you want to call

the first 1:1 meeting after getting her contact info) and all the

times he didn’t (not meaning he stiffed her with the bill, but

dinner was split).

What he found was, statistically, he was more likely to have sex

with her if he didn’t pay for her dinner. There COULD have been

either factors involved, but statistically for that one difference,

he saw that he was getting better results when not paying for her

dinner. So he stopped doing it entirely and his overall success

increased a little bit and he didn’t have to bother checking that

statistic anymore, and focused on another variable to track.

Just like in the movie Groundhog Day, my friend would keep track of

many different variables in the course of meeting and interacting

with women and what the results were. The most important result to

him was not the nuance reactions from the women or the little

variation in results but ultimately whether he ended up having sex

with them or not.

Doing this gave him the freedom to test and try different things

and helped move his focus away from what the outcome might be and

more to just try different things and see what happened. He still

had an active role in working toward the outcomes he wanted but he

would change the way he actively pursued the goals. After wards, he

would jot down all the details he remembered about the interactions

and once in a while put all of the information together in a

spreadsheet to compare results.

How many things can you enter into your own spreadsheet of love?

If you put together a spreadsheet of the past 6 months, would you

have enough to get any reliable statistics from? If not, then that

by itself may be limiting your success no matter what level it’s at

right now.

If you do have plenty to throw into your own spreadsheet, are you

paying attention to the major differences in all the interactions

to be able to determine what made the difference in achieving your

goal versus not?

It’s totally up to you whether you want to make use of this way of

tracking your progress and what kind of things work better for you

than others, but if you do decide to try this out just keep in mind

that the quality of information you get out of it is dependent on

the volume and quality of information you put in, and that is

dependent on you having an regular active role in the process of

meeting and being more successful with women.

Summing it all up for you,

Jay Valens

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