One Step at a Time Seduction

Here is a good motivating article from the guys at Pickup Arts all about learning seduction little by little. I promise you it gets easier as you go along.

 Seduction Steps by Jay Valens

Salutations… There are stages in our existence we get out of stepwith our personal social stability and can’t see our way back sansthe assistance of others. Consider this correspondence a step inthe right course as I advance you step-by-step through the process.

To start, no success can take place unless you are set to step up

and stake certain action when you discern you must. That’s the

first step. The next step is to ascertain any missing knowledge

and start seeking the right steps towards seizing such skills.

This will sometimes necessitate you to step outside of your present

sequence and step inside a new one. You may not spot how your

perceptions need to transform until you step back and witness a

superior sight of things. The segments of understandings you

stumble on are not your decisive answer but instead your stepping

stones for realizing your goals. The sole wrong step in the

process is taking zero steps forward. In the process, it will be

necessary to ask some persons to step aside when they obstruct your

progress and say to any person who attempts to step on you to step

off. Conclusively when you close in on what you considered was the

last step to realize your aspirations, you recognize it was simply

the first step towards a new purpose, one which you never

considered previously.

Now that I’ve got your attention with my homage to a “V for

Vendetta-esque” diatribe…

The gist of the message is that, like any process you are

unfamiliar with, you must learn how to get through it in order to

be adept at it. The first step is realizing an accepting that.

Many people have access to a car and drive every day, but there was

a point in their life that they’d never driven a car before and

their only experience was watching OTHER people drive.

After many years of driving, and especially whenever driving a

familiar route, most people experience a near-hypnotic automated

ability to drive themselves from point A to point B without barely

any memory of the actual drive.

If you think about it, that’s really amazing given how many complex

things a human needs to do to accomplish this without causing a

wreck. Watching the traffic around them, rear view mirror, left

mirror, right mirror, adjusting the wheel for curves or to avoid

other drivers or obstacles, accelerating, tapping the break,

watching for road signs, road conditions, signaling when needed,

paying attention to driving speed, and a hundred other possible


Part of getting to that point, they had to do a number of things:

– Become aware of WHAT had to be learned

– Learn what needed to be learned

– Put their learning into practice

From the standpoint of getting better at meeting and succeeding

with women, you can look at our newsletters and DVDs as becoming

aware of WHAT to learn. Really, looking around, that is pretty

much already done for you.

What is not done for you is actually taking the time to learn that

stuff and then putting that learning into practice. We are giving

you access to the tools, it’s up to you to use them.

When you use those tools, it’s important to not try to get ahead of

yourself and focus too much on your concern of ultimate outcome

but, rather, learn one step at a time and focus on each successive


The only wrong way to go about this is to not take any steps at all

(for example, just reading these newsletters but not taking any

action). Figure out what the next step is and get to it.

Finally, there will sometimes be people who will get in your way,

whether out of jealousy, spite, or misunderstanding. You can’t let

those people dictate or hinder your process. If they are not

actively helping you achieve your goals or, worse, hindering you,

they’ll need to step aside and get out of your way.

Do appreciate the people who cheer on your success, even if they

don’t outright help, because positivity from others is valuable and

does help you a long. You shouldn’t depend on it but if it’s there

then don’t take it for granted and show your appreciation.

Do not allow anything to discourage you, take it one step at a

time, and eventually you will get to a place where you might even

see it possible to achieve goals you had not previously thought


Isn’t this all really pretty simple? Isn’t it amazing that it

takes a newsletter like this to shine a light on a path which might

otherwise have not been obvious to you?

I’m here to cheer you on AND provide you the tools, step by step.

Jay Valens

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