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Getting Away With Murder

A good piece from the guys at Pickup Arts.

Killing your chances with girls by Jay Valens?

Have you been getting away with murder?

Maybe you have been and don’t realize it yet.

I don’t mean people letting you get away with stuff, but ratherwhether you are getting in your own way of success and literally MURDERING your chances in ways that can be completely avoided.

It happens a lot where I give a guy access to the knowledge of howto meet women, and he fails to balance that knowledge with morepractical behavior, continuing with game-killing behavior such as dressing poorly, maintaining poor posture, not exercising regularly, not putting himself in enough social situations, or maintaining a negative or counter-productive attitude.

In other words, you might just be killing YOURSELF if you are doing certain things or not doing certain things that totally counteract the other positive efforts you are making such as talking to a lot more women, understanding what to say and how to handle yourself in different situations. By acting in ways that detract from the positive efforts, it’s like allowing yourself to get away with murder every day, but the life you put at risk is yours.

To save yourself from these risks, you have to KILL such negative and poor behavior. It’s not a choice. Sure, there are schools of thought which say “a man with sufficient skill should be able to overcome any obstacle” but I bet even the first astronauts who went to the moon brushed their teeth and combed their hair the morningof that mission. You getting my point?

Am I just talking about making sure you have good hygiene? Of course not – there can be any number of things which may be hurting you now that are fully under your control to change. Many of them might be physical or have to do with your presentation or style, but many others might be the kind of places you spend your time ator the attitudes you carry with you. Some things might be the way you perceive things without questioning whether your point of view might be wrong. You can be wrong an still be productive but it’s a lot easier to accomplish things when you have a better willingness to take stock in ALL variables which might help or hinder you efforts.

You might very well be like a secret agent of love who has not yet been given the license to kill the enemies of your state of affairs. You’ve now got your mission, and your license…


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