A Quick Lesson in Kino Part 2

Yesterday I put up a post about the first type of kino. These lessons on kino are from Sebastian Drake, of Master the Vibe.  I also suggest reading the DiCarlo ladder of escalation if you have trouble with your escalation of kino.

Understanding Kino by Sebastian Drake

Introducing Protective Kino

Knight in Shining Armor time. Protective Kino makes her feel
protected and safe, and is great for attraction. After just a few
moments and a bit of connection, protective kino becomes
appropriate and powerful.

One of the best kinds of touching ANYWHERE is where protective kino
was derived from. Placing your hand on her lower back as you move
through a crowded bar or cross a street is EXTREMELY attractive and
makes you seem very, very powerful and masculine. As you move
through the bar or across the street, gently but firmly place your
hand on her lower back, “escorting” her onwards. It will make her
feel warm and safe, and like you’re an absolute stud.

Other kinds of protective kino include going arm-in-arm like you’re
promenading, taking her hand as you move through a venue, holding
her closely to you as you’re sitting, or putting your arm out in
front of her to stop her from moving forwards as you get to a
street crossing. Engaging in protective kino signifies that you
protect your own, that you’re a confident masculine man, and is a
huge boon for attraction.

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