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How to Meet Girl With Help From Paris Hilton

The Paris Hilton Opener

Yes, Im as sick of her as you are. But I got this email from the guys at Pick Up Arts that contained some openers involving Paris Hilton and thought I would post them. I know that openers are one of the subjects that never get old, nor can we ever get enough good ones. So here goes…

Paris Hilton Opener by Jay Valens

Paris Hilton can help you meet girls.

This bit of advice is somewhat simple for me. I’m almost reluctant
to share it because I see it as so obvious but maybe this is a new
idea for you.

If you’re in a bar, club, or other social environment like a party,
and don’t know what to say to initiate a conversation with someone,
one of the best things to do is bring up a pop culture topic of
recent note and look for opinions on them.

Girls especially always seem to be on top of gossip-oriented news
and although most of it tends to make guys want to heave their
lunch over a ledge, it does appeal to many girls as a topic of

No matter how much you might dislike the notion, it’s the bread and
butter of the actual contents of initial openers by guys who meet A
LOT of women. It’s not the only way to open but it’s hard to mess
up bringing up a pop culture reference and asking the person what
they think about it.

Paris Hilton is treasure trove of such content for opening questions:

– “Do you think Paris Hilton should have been in jail
– “Do you think Paris Hilton will end up back in jail soon?”
– “Do you think Paris Hilton used jail as a publicity stunt?”
– “Have you seen the latest about Paris Hilton not paying her
storage bill?”
– “What kind of drama do you think Paris Hilton will get mixed up
in next?”

I’m sure you can think of a thousand more, just on Paris Hilton

If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of the latest gossip or
celebrity news, don’t worry, it doesn’t take weeks of research to
keep up with. Just find a few celebrity gossip web sites and
bookmark them and read their front page stories once or twice a
week. Also watch a cable channels like E! once in a while or when
you’re in a bookstore, walk over to the magazine rack and flip
through “US Weekly” or “People”.

It’s not hard to do, and will provide you droves of material to
make the initial process of meeting women a lot easier.

Jay Valens

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