Bobby’s Review of “Insider Internet Dating”

Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating Review

Did you ever come across something that just totally motivates you and gets you completely enthusiastic to do something?

Well, I recently borrowed a copy of Dave M’s Insider Internet Dating CD and decided to review it for this site. I took my profile off of Match about 5 months ago… damn, i wish I hadn’t cancelled my membership.

This program had the same effect on me I had after reading Style’s The Game. That book got my juices flowing to hit the bars and clubs again. Dave’s course has me dying to get back online.

What is Insider Internet Dating?

What the course actually is in one multi media . The program contains about 10-15 video clips of Dave M. actually constructing emails, designing profiles. Its pretty cool because it is a video of his computer. He is brave enough to give you his actual Match profile and even let you see the profiles of some of the girls he’s in contact with. There are also about 10-15 audio clips. These audio clips are clips where he talks about specific ways to be a more attractive guy in general. He also talks about the phone conversations that come from the leads you’re getting online. Wish, i had this stuff months ago!!

In the program you see live examples of:

  • Dave M writing emails that get a response
  • Good examples of profiles
  • How to find ideas to include in your profile

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The Highlights of Insider Internet Dating

Some of the highlights are a section where he walks you through the pages of female escorts off of their sites. He single handily shows you how to steal their best lines and phrases to use in your profile. Not something I would have thought of but I definitely see the logic and appeal.

He gives you tips for Match and a few other sites. These are tips on how to better your searches, bypass regulations that allows you to talk to non members… he tells you how match will automatically delete an email address from messages. This means I probably lost out on a shit load of emails because I didn’t know Dave’s trick.

He gives you a formula for creating a first email. He takes the formula lists its 8 components and then demonstrates how to use it by actually constructing emails to send to women. I must say his formula is dead on. He says he’s been studying this for years and I truly believe him.

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Some other things from Insider Internet Dating I found useful:

* “The no reply email” an email he created for sending girls who didn’t respond to your first one. The humor in the email might just get you a reply the 2nd time around.

*The number getting email” Probably fucked up alot of good leads by not having a system like this. I love is advice “ignore the questions they ask in their first email” Man, he’s right, you don’t know how many times I’ve got sucked into a penpal type relationship because we were both continuously asking and answering eachother’s questions.

* An audio clip titled “why you should never IM” I enjoyed it, cuz i hate IMing, but i do admit Mike Stoute has amazing success using IM.

* Haha haha… what day to make your dates on. This guy is a sick genius. I love it. He’s right though girls think beneath the lines. They’ll read the message your sending.

* “What to do on the first date” Certaintly you better not be buying them dinner. Dave breaks down the first date options and what to talk about. He even discusses a great topic to keep you both laughing. Laughing is KEY KEY KEY to a first date. Did I say KEY!!!

Insider Internet Dating gets TWO THUMBS UP.

I will admit that when I heard about this course last year, I wanted to buy it, but decided not to because of the cost. It was only a friend’s insistence at how good it was that I decided to borrow his copy and see what I missed by not buying. I will say I probably would have easily made up the cost of the program, by avoiding the dates with some of the hogs I took out from Match.

Yes, the format is great, Dave is near genius with his advise, and its not just theory but actual profiles, emails, and tips you can use today. If your online dating I see no reason not to buy this.? I hope you found this Insider Internet Dating review helpful.

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