Badboy Gives us “3 Main Rules for Winging”

I will admit that finding a good wingman is not always easy. It is especially difficult as you get older and your pool of single friends starts slimming down. In reality, I can probably count the number of really good wingmen I’ve gamed with on one hand. Whats funny is that my best wingmen have not always been my best friends… and some of my best friends have made awful wingmen.

What makes a good wingman? Well, Mystery had some wingman rules me and my friends tried to follow. Now Badboy has added three more good rules that I agree with completely.

3 Rules  for winging a friend by Badboy

The Right Way:

The first guy approaches the set, talks with them for 30-45 sec and then chooses his target. When he chooses his target, the second guy waits a few more seconds and approaches the second girl with something like, “Looks like my friend is ignoring you. I will talk with you.”

2) Whoever Opens Chooses The Target

The person who approaches the set is the one who has their choice of targets. The wing takes care of other girl as either a separate target or just stops the cockblock.

Next time you can swap who opens. That’s how I do it with my wings; one set he is choosing the target and I am holding the set for him, then next time he’s holding set while I am gaming my target. It’s a reciprocal relationship.

3) Ignoring A Target

This is not the typical ignoring of a target to create Attraction…it’s something different, more smooth, and more advanced.

What I do sometimes, and it breaks Rules 1 & 2, but still works very smoothly is:

My wing would say he likes girl #2, and I would open the set and talk with both girls for a minute, and then choose girl #1 and talk with her while completely ignoring girl #2. After a little bit, she will get very bored as no one is talking with her and she usually starts looking around room, playing with her cell phone, and doing other “I am bored” things. My wing waits, because the more she is bored, the easier it gets for him to open and get Attraction. Why? When you don’t talk with anyone in the room, you feel socially awkward and you will talk with anyone just to not to be alone. It works very well if girl #2 is very hot because her defenses will be down.

Of course if the wing waits too long, she will feel ignored and pull girl #1 to the bathroom, so you must calibrate in terms of timing. The wing should usually wait about 1-2 minutes and then jump in and take his target.

Another key to winging is developing a system of subtle signals to communicate to each without tipping the girls off that you are working together so consciously. In next week’s newsletter I will give you some pointers on when and how to use these signals to make your wing Game unstoppable…

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