Would You Even Still Bang Her?

Easy question. I sure would. Why not? She might be trashy… but those titties ain’t trashy!!!

So Brittney is rumored to be fucking Mystery clone Criss Angel. Criss Angel definitely is one peacocking son of a bitch.

I guess Mystery is right and if you’re good enough of an illusionist you can hang with the A list. Although, at this point I almost feel like fucking Brittney Spears is like career suicide.

Hahaha.. Remember back when she was a virgin and Fred Durst claimed to have fucked her and everyone thought he was lying. Who’d we believe now?

Hey, I’m not above mooching off a billionaire. I’ll raise those kids if I can live that Kevin Federline cruising the world on Yachts type life.

But if I was a semi celebrity like Criss Angel, had a decent paycheck coming in, I would not be wasting my time with Brittney. We’ve all seen that camel toe. If I was Criss I’d be mindfucking a whole bunch of wannabe LA models back to my hotel room.

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