The Old “Let me analyze your handwriting” Routine

Neil Strauss, author of the game, (as if you didn’t know) talked a lot about being interesting. One of the ways to be interesting is to offer a set or target something unique that they probably haven’t heard before. Some of the well known routines are “the jealous girlfriend,” “the best friends test” “esp routine.”

Neil also mentions doing things like palm reading and handwriting analysis. Personally I think palm reading is cliche…. its as bad as shit like “whats your sign” Fortunately handwriting analysis is still new and not many women will have come across it before.

Can’t you just see yourself sitting there looking at a girl’s handwriting and spitting out this kind of knowledge:

*The combination of heavy pressure with a rightward slant is made by unforgettable, go-getter types. They express a wealth of emotions readily and with fervor, and cannot be taken lightly.

*A writer who “stabs” his ovals can be thought of as “one who speaks with forked tongue”.

*Cursive handwriting with few or no lead-in strokes means intelligence, directness, efficiency, and speed.

*If a person’s signature is pretty much the same as the rest of their writing (size, style, slant, pressure and spacing) this means that the person behaves the same way in public as in private.

*The writer with a long lower zone is usually restless and in constant need of variety and change. The longer the lower zone, the more restless the writer. Graphologist have found these people to be the job hoppers and the mate hoppers.

*An overly wide left margin indicates that the person is subconsciously putting up an imaginary barrier between himself and the past.

Okay, I’m not sure if its my cup of coffee… but it worked for Style and we all know he’s the community proclaimed “King of all PUAs” So it can’t be that bad!

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