Master The Vibe Review (part 1)

I had been reading a lot of good things about Master the Vibe on various websites and community forums, so my curiosity was peaked. I emailed Christian Hudson, who along with Sebastian Drake founded Master the Vibe, and asked him to send me a few of their CDs so that I could do a review for the Bible.

Just to give you a quick idea of what Master the Vibe is: it is hidden mic conversations with women recorded by Christian, Sebastian, and various other guest Pick up Artists. The program is set up where they give a brief explanation of an idea such as demonstating higher value… then they play a portion of a real conversation with a woman where they use the idea in action. Then they give another brief recount of the idea. The format that the CD is done in makes it very easy to listen to. It isn’t just a one hour of lesson, but rather brief lesson, followed by real life example, then brief lesson. The CD I listened to followed this format throughout. I believe their product changes every month so that they are constantly putting out new CDs with new conversations.

The CD I listened to and will be referencing here is titled “Conversation Starters” And yes those of you looking for new openers will find this CD is perfect for you. It is filled with original openers, some of which are situational, others which are opinion orienented, and others which are basically direct compliment openers.

I think the value in this CD is not so much the opener itself, but rather listening to how Christian or Sebastian follows up the opener and are able to transition the opener into a conversation about something totally unrelated to the opener. You get great glimpses of controlling the frame, how to naturally change converstaion threads, and how to sneak in some DHVs.

In the first conversation he uses an opinion opener about the “coolness” of man purses. The topic works because it is a fun subject that allows for humor to easily be throw in. He succesfuly changes the topic to pop culture, which of course, is something that everyone loves to talk about.

In another opener about smoking, which is perfect for places that make you smoke outside, he tells the girl to introduce him to her friends when they get back inside. I liked this one. Here in NJ you have smoke outside the bars/clubs which gives you a great opportuntity to encounter a girl alone. (assuming you don’t mind hooking up with smokers)

In a another extremely direct opener “Are you single?” he makes it work by following up with the sentence “after recent experiences in my life” A sentence like that peaks curiosity and allows you to tell a story, and simutaneouly demonstrate higher value.

In another conversation he qualifies a good answer by saying “I like that answer, whats your name?” This a great way to ask for the name because you are controlling the frame and asking from a position of being the qualifier, not the qualified.

In another opener which begins with him complimenting her skin, the conversation soon turns to slip and slide and other childhood memories. Stories like these work extremely well in building comfort and keeping the conversation flowing on fun topics. One thing I liked that Christian says while giving his brief lesson after listening to this conversation is “Aim for friendship.” I can’t agree more. How much more fun would talking to women be if your not nervous if your going to impress them sexually or not?

In one of his lessons he teaches “Invite them to do something specific” Great advice. Leaving it open with a comment like lets hang out some time, gives them to much oportunity to flake. He also teaches to keep a girl company while her friend goes to the bathroom or gets rapped up in another conversation.

They say your goal should be to get to some meaty conversaton within a few questions. Sebastian and Christian provide more than enough examples of how to do this.

Ultimately what I found this CD to teach is that you don’t have to be super cool and smooth when you open, as long as you can follow up your opener with some good conversaton.

I highly recommend Master the Vibe for those who have difficutly maintaining interesting conversations with women or for those who are afraid of approaching. This is filled with real examples of great converstaion. Your goal listening to this shouldn’t be to copy their conversations, but instead to see how they transition and change topics and ultimately have conversations that sparkle and flow.

Learn more about this program here.

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