I Made a Huge Mistake

Last night I reported that I decided to hang alone rather than hit the town with the real estate investors I am down here with.They are all 50+ and married so I figured I would have been better off alone.  I was so wrong.  So wrong. So wrong.

I met up with them at breakfast this morning at the hotel.  They were with a gang of the most beautiful Brazilian women I have ever seen.  While I thought it was smart to go to bed early for this meeting we have…. they were at some girl’s house having the kind of orgy you only see in pornos. I had to listen to stories about skinny dipping with 15 twenty year olds… swapping… public fucking… (and I thought me being the young one had to act responsible)

Brazilian girls love coin.  These guys have plenty of it. They have no qualms about dropping a few thousand dollars on dinner and drinks.  I will be hanging out with the guys and their herum of women for the rest of the trip!

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