PUA Openers from Badboy

Badboy has long been someone who I’ve respected in the community. He has been teaching direct game, long before direct game became the norm. His ebook is still one of the best books on direct game out there.

So when Badboy sends out a list of openers, you can be damn sure I’m going to pass it along to all of you. Let me know what you think of them. Which one is your favorite? Any good openers you’ve used lately?

Badboy’s Top 5 Openers

1# Very Direct

You are so Damn sexy, (Pause) and I am going to get to know you (Pause) so tell me something about yourself (smile)

Delivery here is crucial. If you deliver good, in most cases they get shocked? and they are like? so what you want to know?
Me 😕 Everything, but lets start with music.. what kind of music you listen
From here go into Rapport (Wide & Deep), as this opener will provide you with lots of attraction. Its very easy to transition to any other topic. As frame you created allows it.

2# Bank Robbery

Hey girls, are u good drivers? Me and Friend, are robbing bank across the street, and guess what (pause). Driver screwed us. All you need to do is picks us up at XX.00am, and drive to airport. You get 3%.

This always leads into good conversation, with good energy. This is my opener number 1# right now. They always want to negotiate their %. And they will ask for 5%

If zou want to create more drama here, start opener with this:

Hey girls, let me ask you something, can you keep a secret?
Girls :yes
You : OK (opener)

Delivery must be Playful.
Be prepared to get lots of IOIs.

3# Oral sex

Hey girls, Let me ask you something (pause) Oral sex on first date (pause) Yes or No?

This is my new one. They get shocked because you are so bold. I usually fallow up with a story :

See, they did study about this in Cambridge, and they found out that couples that had oral sex on first date, stayed together very very long time. Some of them even got married. And I have this date tomorrow, and I would like to have something with her, but, I really don't want to get married. do you believe in this bullshit, or you fallow your instincts?

Changing topic here is very easy. No need to transition to direct, as you are already there.

4# Best Friend Just Died

Hey girls, let me ask you something, my best friend just dies, and his girlfriend started hitting on me.. how long should I wait before I start dating her?

This one is so much fun.

Usually they say wait 6 months

Me : really? Because she started hitting on me after funeral, and guess what happened yesterday, I received fedex package with her panties and they were still wet. I mean, that's to much for me. Don't get me wrong, I would do her, but I just cannot imagine my best friend Mike looking me from above saying and that was my best friend
Change topic after few minutes, and get to know them.. If they are coming bck on opener, transition to direct

Actually, I didn't came here to talk about my dead friend, I came because you are so damn sexy, and I am going to get to know you ? so tell me something about yourself

5# Does Size Matters?

Hey girls, lets me ask you something.. does size really matters?

Girls : yes/no

You :Interesting, because friend of mine has this huge, huge (pause) car, and he gets none, while my other friend has this tiny, tiniest ( pause) vespa and he gets all of the girls whats up with that?

This opener will always get them think about..hmmm but that's why you move to something else. I found it very effective after 3 minutes, to transition to direct

Actually, I didn't came here to talk about my stupid friend, I came because you are so damn sexy, and I am going to get to know you so tell me something about yourself

When you open with something like this, and conversation either stays too long in that topic, OR each time you try to change topic, they go back on opener, use this above transition. Its very Powerful frame destroyer.
Wide & deep Rapport from here (so what kind of music you listen)?

If you guys like this style check out the ebook that made me famous. Read Badboy’s ebook.


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