Make RockBand for Playstation 3 work on the Playstation 2 console

With all the delays of the RockBand game for playstation 2 I decided to perform a little experiment on my own, and then bam! Success!

I had herd that all the pieces for the RockBand game connected through USB ports, but online people were questioning it because the PS2 only has 2 ports and the game needs 3. USB is a standard, so it had to work and not to mention that it would be kind of stupid to build all the RockBand hardware through a USB standard and then require manufacturers to still make changes inside the instruments for the different systems. It all comes down to money, and counting on the thriftiness of the game companies it was a good gamble to make. So I went and bought everything to run the experiment.

  1. Rock Band Special Edition Package for Playstation 3
  2. Rock Band Game for Playstation 2
  3. USB Hub (I used a small Targus PA055U 4 Port USB 1.1 Ultra Mini Hub)

After finding out it worked there was only a one small issue I had. If you have Guitar Hero 3 and you need another Guitar for RockBand. The Guitar Hero 3 guitar will always default as the one on the left , no matter what USB configuration . Not that big of a deal though!!! I love it!

And use the Drums to unlock all songs, its so easy!

Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue

Rock On!!!

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