We Want Reader Feedback and Suggestions!

As you all know we’ve done site design for TSB. As some of you are still getting used to the new design I thought I would do a post guiding you through the new features. I also want feedback and suggestions on how we can make the site even better and more useful to our readers.

I’m going to give a run down of how to navigate the site first. And then talk about some brand new things we’ve added in the last couple of days. If you’re pretty comfortable with the navigation skip to the news below it.

Okay, here is a run down of some things to look out for:

Feature articles On the home page there will always be four featured articles. These are not necessarily our newest articles. They are just the articles we’ve chosen to feature for the time being.
Articles Under the feature articles on the home page is a list of our most recent articles with introduction.
Receive posts by email To the right of the articles is a sign up for anyone who wants to automatically receive emails of all of our latest posts.
Featured Props/reading These are on the right of the posts. These are basically props,books, clothing, that Mike and I thought some of you might be interested in.
Hot Topics These are just quick ways to find certain topics that seem to be interest to people
Articles by author These are post categorized by the author who wrote them. If you click on any of the names it will bring up all the posts on TSB written by that particular author.
Biggest contributors This list all of our biggest commenter, and is a good way to track the Top Commenter contest.
Resources This is a quick way to get to some of the gurus sites for more information on their products.
Shout Box We just added this and I’ll talk more about it below
Square information box There is a box on the far right of every page that contains most popular posts, most commented posts, Search box for locating anything on site, Tags, and our archives.
Mike’s Twitter thoughts: Below the information box is Mike’s recent twitter thougths. These are just some random thoughts Mike sends from his phone.
Recent Comments These are the latest comments on our site.
Our Friends These are links to sites we like.
Categories Across the top of the site is a list of categories. Each category contains several sub categories as well. You can search out different post by category. For example, if you go to the “Pick Up” category and scroll down to “Openers” you will find all the posts on openers.

New Stuff

We now give everyone 15 minutes to edit any comment you post. This means if you post a comment and realize you left something out you can go back and edit it.
If you want to quote someone else you can highlight it in orange and easily create a block quote for your comment by clicking. Good if you want to respond directly to something someone said.
Avatars. Guys if you want an avatar to show up next to your comments go to Gravatar.com and follow the directions. Its pretty easy and is good to make your comments standout as your own.
Shout Box This is something we definitely want an opinion on. Below the list of resources is a little box where you can basically IM people on the site.. or just leave a little note. We figure its a good way to talk in real time to other readers who might be on the site at the same time. We’re not sure if its worth keeping so let us know if you think its something you might use.
Reviews I did a post asking for reviews (i’ll pay $5 each) I’ve had a lot of people say they were interested in submitting one, but no one has yet. If you’re interested please email mike@theseductionbible.com the review. I’ve included the format for reviews below.

Format for reviews

1. Introduce book/cd you are reviewing (include details about what it contain)
2. Talk about what you liked about the course (include specific examples)
3. If there was anything you thought it was missing or didn’t like
4. Who you think would benefit from the course the most
5. Summarize your review

We Want Your Suggestions and Feedback!

1. What do you like about the site?
2. What would you like us to add?
3. What kind of articles would you like more of?
4. What kind of articles would you like less of?
5. Is there anything confusing about the site?
6. How can we make this site even better?

Radio show this Friday!

Mike and I will be guests on the MSU radio show again this Friday. I will give the details for those of you who would like to listen to it live. We’ll also give a phone number you can call in with questions… more details to come!

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